Summer Camp Oviedo — Summer’s Over … Let the Learning Begin!

As the last days of summer wind to a close, parents and children all over South Florida and beyond are preparing for yet another school year. Fall is the time of year to pack away the pool toys, fold up the beach towels for another year, and hunker down for some serious learning. Summer Camp Oviedo — The Amazing Explorers Difference At Amazing Explorers, however, our students develop a passion for learning that is sustained all year round, as well as throughout the rest of their lives. While many children view school as something that they are required to do

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How to Promote Healthy Eating

Getting children to make healthier choices with food can often be challenging. Like their adult counterparts, many children can become very set in their ways and refuse to try anything new or what they consider unusual. One of the most effective ways to get children to eat better is to empower them to make their own food choices. And, one of the easiest ways to do that is to offer them a parfait bar. Summer Camp in Oviedo FL – Super Easy, Super Cool! A parfait bar is very simple to put together and children are guaranteed to love it. Start with

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Day Care Oviedo FL — 3 Exciting Ball Games for Children

Day Care Oviedo Fl — Keeping Kids Active Besides bringing children delight, playing with toy balls has the dual benefit of giving kids much-needed exercise, especially when they are playing toss or catch with their friends outside. Given their round shape, balls will roll away whenever they aren’t caught, requiring children to chase after them. When played with inside an enclosed environment, such as a gated yard or playlot, these simple toys can provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. Day Care Oviedo Fl — Three Timeless Ball Games for Kids Getting a ball inside another container —

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Oviedo Daycares — Shopping for Back to School Supplies

If you have children, it’s probably already a late summer family tradition to go back to school shopping. Every year, it seems as if stores are stocking their shelves with back to school items earlier and earlier. So what things do you actually need to buy for your children? Oviedo Daycares — Simplifying Back to  School Shopping The easiest way to make sure you get exactly what your children will need for the school year is to ask their teacher. He or she can provide a list of the items that you need, as well as any specific recommendations on

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Franchises in Florida

Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville — Forming Young Minds

If you are looking for a business opportunity that helps prepare the next generation for the future as well as providing you with an income, then consider The Amazing Explorers Academy. We are a daycare and early childhood education center that takes a new and exciting approach to training young minds based on the STEAM curriculum — Science, Technology, Engineering Arts, and Mathematics. But we’ve discovered a way to make learning fun, exciting and engaging. Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville — Early Childhood Education Facts The first five years of every child’s life is critically important for their mental, emotional, physical,

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Franchise for sale in Florida

Early Childhood Education Facts

Giving pre-school children the opportunity to learn in a nurturing, supportive environment that promotes curiosity is critical to their mental, social, and emotional development. The Amazing Explorers Academy is a new kind of daycare and pre-school that offers children the opportunity to learn about topics like science, math, technology, and even the engineering arts in an environment that stimulates their intellect and promotes their intellectual development during their formative years. Did You Know? According to research presented recently by the Children’s Home of Cincinnati and Central Clinic: By the age of three years old an estimated 95 percent of a

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Preschools in Oviedo FL — Inspiring Creativity in Kids

Every child has creativity inside of them. Some just haven’t learned how to express it yet. As one of the leading preschools in Oviedo FL, The Amazing Explorers Academy is experienced at helping children discover the creativity that lies dormant within their minds. Our skilled, professional educators have the knowledge and experience to help even the youngest children release their inner creativity. Preschools in Oviedo FL — Promoting Curiosity One of the ways we do this is to cultivate creativity and acknowledge that there are many different forms of intelligence. Sometimes, that is all that is required is to introduce children

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Day Care in Oviedo – Brighten Up Lunches with ‘Love Notes’

Sending your children off to preschool, day care, or even a day with the babysitter or nanny can be a traumatic experience for some parents. When you love your children as much as you do, even spending a few hours separated from them can be heartbreaking. But now there’s a way you can keep in touch with your child even if you can’t physically be with them while you are working or while they are away from home, even temporarily. Day Care in Oviedo – Saying ‘I Love You’ in a Note It’s important for children to know how much their

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