3 Fun Science Experiments For Preschoolers

How to Help Your Preschooler Learn to Love STEM Early Kids grow up as natural scientists, curious and eager to learn everything about the world about them. So why do so many children grow up learning to hate the sciences? One reason is because we forget to show kids all the ways that science is […]

The ‘A’ in STEAM Stands for ‘Art’ and ‘Absolutely Important’!

A traditional STEM-based education program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s the kind of early childhood education program that can inspire a lifelong love of learning that can propel the child to success throughout their educational and professional careers. But when you add the “A” — which stands for the Arts — to […]

Amazing Explorers Academy® Named to List of 10 Fast Growing Latino Companies in Central Florida

Orlando, Florida (August 31, 2017) – Amazing Explorers Academy®, the Central Florida based educational preschool, has been recognized by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (HCCMO) as one of the 10 Fast Growing Latino Companies in Central Florida. The list of the 10 companies was released this week at the HCCMO event annual Hispanic Business Conference […]

Important Acronyms for Your Child’s Future

Parents of young children just entering the education world for the first time have to deal with a lot of letters. And, it’s not just the ABCs we’re talking about here. Acronyms, sets of letters that stand for something else, are pretty common place these days, think TGIF (“Thank God it’s Friday) or LOL (“Laugh […]

Amazing Explorers Offers LAKE NONA Students Something More

Like everywhere else, LAKE NONA, a suburb just north of Orlando, is home to thousands of parents who want the best for their children. But unlike most places, LAKE NONA will soon be home to an early childhood education facility that provides the kind of unique learning environment that allows for opportunities that every parent desires […]

Nation’s Top Educator Calls for Expansion of STEM Curriculum

A huge percentage of future jobs will be in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics fields. But, currently there aren’t enough workers with those skills to fill them, according to Arne Duncan. Duncan should know. He served as the US Secretary of Education for most of President Barack Obama’s two terms in office. And, before that, […]

Business-Friendly Florida Attractive to Foreign Investors

Thanks to its hundreds of miles of beaches, year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, and many world-class attractions, the state of Florida is the number one tourist destination for people traveling to the US from Europe. So it should come as no surprise that foreign investors also find the state very attractive. Invest in Florida — […]

Providing Children with the Best Opportunities

Children just starting pre-school today will enter the job market in a little less than 15 years. But what types of jobs will be available for them? According to recent statistics released by the US Department of Commerce, more opportunities are likely to be in the fields involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). STEM […]

What Are You Really Looking for in a Franchise?

One of the biggest keys to identifying a successful franchise opportunity is understanding what you really want to get out of your business. Sure, the answer most people give first is to make more money. But is that really all there is to your decision? Most of the time, entrepreneurs who want to buy a […]