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Amazing Explorers Ponte Vedra | Nocatee

Amazing Explorers Academy has been serving the Orlando, Florida area with quality child care and daycare services for over a decade. The educational facility is the home of hundreds of bright little kids who are receiving the best education available because we are the leaders in STEAM education. As a result, we have expanded and […]

STEAM Activities for Kids

STEAM activities for kids: At Amazing Explorers, we enjoy nothing more than seeing our students’ faces light up when they learn something new, or see something that inspires them. Fortunately, and thanks in no small part to STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), we are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking lessons […]

Choosing Healthy Food for Kids

The Truth Behind Choosing Healthy Food for kids There aren’t many people that haven’t heard about the importance of choosing healthy foods for kids instead of inorganic, cheap snacks that are filled with GMOs. At Amazing Explorers; we’d estimate that the vast majority of people know that healthier options are better than the quicker, more […]

Reading to the children

Reading to the children as an integrate part of our STEAM curriculum Why is it important to read to our children? How early can we start reading to them? Research has showed that early reading to children will help them develop their language, creativity, imagination and prepare them for when they start reading later in […]

Your Child’s Safety is a Top Priority

At Amazing Explorers, Your Child’s Safety is a Top Priority With the current pandemic our nation is going through, it’s no surprise that many parents are feeling apprehensive about sending their children back to school. At Amazing Explorers, safety and security has always been our top priority, and we understand just how vital it is […]

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Nations around the world, including our own country, are finally beginning to understand the importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) – education for the birth to five population. Mainly due to 90% of the brain growth and development happening before Kindergarten. As research grows, we are finding that Early Childhood Education is much more than […]

STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolers

STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolers! As the weather grows warmer, kids are eager to spend more time outdoors. So, what is a way we can spend more time outside while also learning?  STEAM learning is a way is to provide an opportunity for them to learn, explore, and understand the world outside. STEAM learning is […]

Don’t Squander Your Child’s Free Pre-Kindergarten Benefit

All children residing in Florida can participate in the pre-kindergarten early education program of their choice at no cost to their family thanks to an entitlement program offered by the state. Yet many parents choose not to take advantage of this paid voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) benefit either because they didn’t know about it, they don’t […]