Lake Nona Pre School

The earlier parents can enroll their children in an early childhood education program, the sooner their lifelong passion for learning can begin.

The Amazing Explorer’s LAKE NONA pre school program, which focuses on a STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering arts, and mathematics) gives children the educational, emotional and social benefits that persist into their later school years and beyond.

The Amazing Explorers LAKE NONA Pre School: Learning to Love Learning

Early childhood education programs like the one offered by Amazing Explorers spark children’s natural curiosity, which positively affects their academic performance throughout their education, and even into their adult careers.

Numerous studies have shown that traditional early learning programs positively affect brain structure, as well as instilling within even the youngest children a lifelong desire to learn and discover new ideas and concepts.

But Amazing Explorers’ LAKE NONA pre-school goes even further, offering children early exposure to advanced concepts in mathematics and the sciences.

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