Why Florida’s Free Voluntary Prekindergarten Is a Big Deal

Winter Park Pre-School
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The state of Florida was the first in the nation to offer free voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) to every 4- and 5-year-old child residing in the state. Parents can send their child to the public or private school, early childhood learning center, or day care center of their choice and the state will pay for it.

So why is VPK such a big deal? And why are Florida children lucky to be able to take advantage of this incredible free benefit?

Waterford Lakes and Lake Nona Day Cares — Benefits of VPK

Scientific studies have shown that the most important time for the growth and development of the human brain occurs before the age of five. A child’s earliest years are its most important learning years because it’s when the child’s ability to focus their attention and follow directions is developed.

Putting a child in a structured learning environment like VPK helps nurture these abilities and can help ensure later success for the child in school and even into their careers.

Waterford Lakes and Lake Nona Day Cares — Getting Ready for School

Florida’s VPK program helps prepare children for a lifetime of learning. Children who participate in a top-quality VPK program — like the one offered for free at Amazing Explorers — can develop improved language skills, score higher on school readiness tests, and have better social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they start school.

Children in the Amazing Explorers VPK program also arrive in kindergarten with the pre-reading, pre-math, and social skills they need to succeed. Plus, VPK helps promote a lifelong love of learning, enhancing what the child learns both in the classroom and in their home.

And because parents can send their 4- or 5-year-old to the VPK program of their choice for free, it makes sense to enroll them in the best-quality program available. Amazing Explorers offers the free VPK learning experience that can literally change your child’s life.

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