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Amazing Explorers Academy fosters a nurturing environment where little minds open up to develop lifelong learning skills designed to inspire, connect and engage the great minds of the 21st century.

Keeping Every Child Safe

When you walk through the front doors at Amazing Explorers Academy our promise to you is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for both you and your child. We provide an environment and atmosphere where families feel the sense of tranquility and the children feel a sense of freedom to explore and learn. Your child is given an abundance of nurturing attention, and a safe, secure environment dedicated to their growth and development.
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Security Features

At Amazing Explorers Academy we have very Strict ID and entry requirements to ensure only authorized individuals enter the building. Each front door is equipped with an electronic keypad which requires a unique entry code to unlock the door. As a secondary security feature once inside, the inner door to where the classrooms are must also be unlocked by the front desk personnel. Our buildings also have cameras to ensure additional monitoring and security throughout the day.

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We ensure that all state regulated policies are followed at all times, especially during nap-time. All staff maintain visual contact and active listening of the children in their care. Cots, mats and cribs feature age-appropriate bedding that has been approved by the state. All babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep; all napping children are checked at regular intervals.
Safety & Security

Health and Cleanliness

Our staff wash their hands regularly to reduce the spread of germs. Additionally children are monitored for any symptoms of illness and parents are notified immediately when their child does not feel well. Classrooms and toys are cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule with child-safe products.
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Toys and Playground

A safety checklist is used on a daily and weekly basis to ensure all toys in the classroom and on the playground are free of broken and/or loose parts. In addition the playground fencing, equipment, and fall zones areas are inspected prior to children going outside.