Amazing Explorers is a pioneer in the STEAM curriculum development and testing for Early Childhood industry. Science is the foundation of children’s learning about their world. At a young age, children need time and encouragement to explore, investigate and learn in natural ways. Aligned with science, we integrate mathematics, technology and engineering.
new infants programs

Infants and 1’s

Infants and 1’s grow and change at a rapid pace, and every month brings new and exciting developments. Our expertise in child development allows us to tailor individualized learning plans as we understand that every child in unique and needs to develop at their own pace. This program is designed around the latest advances in early brain research. Our learning environments draw inspiration from the principles of the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy. The Reggio Emilia approach is a world-renowned pedagogical method that nurtures and empowers children to become imaginative thinkers. At Amazing Explorers Academy, we share the belief that children are powerful and competent individuals, who take joy in building knowledge and who learn through relationships. Infant teachers respect children’s interests by guiding and supporting their learning and providing opportunities to encourage curiosity and inspire creativity. We believe that combining the Reggio Emilia approach with our Individual lesson plans, parent connection tools and learning opportunities ensures that each child will reach his or her full potential for growth and development.
toodlers programs


With gross motor abilities to run, climb, and the curiosity to explore the world around them, our toddler program promotes the development of the whole child. By combining principles of the Reggio Emilia approach such as observations and projects with individual lesson plans, small and group activities, the program provides toddlers with daily experiences that reinforce the child’s learning stages. The program focuses on building skills in early literacy, language, early math and Pre- STEM skills by exposing toddlers to different learning experiences to discover new knowledge in an engaging, fun and creative way.
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Before & After School

We understand the needs of working parents and we have designed a program where students have the opportunity to work on school assignments and participate in engaging and fun STEM, Physical and Creative experiences.
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3’s and 4’s

This program places emphasis on fostering self-identity, forming respectful relationships, collaborative learning experiences, play, discovery, investigation, social learning, building relationships, and fostering creativity and art making within the context of projects and experiences that promotes hands on explorations. Our curriculum is based on standards established for measuring academic success but our belief is that play and STEM thinking should be an integral part of the learning process. Research indicates that children in direct instruction environments show dependency on adults evidence less pride in accomplishments, inhibit creativity and foster superficial learning rather than promote real understanding and problem solving skills. STEM Thinking is the foundation of children’s learning about their world. At a young age, children need time and encouragement to explore, investigate and learn in natural ways. Aligned with science, we integrate mathematics, technology and engineering activities as a general focus of the curriculum. This foundation of STEM encourages connections with the STEM fields and a belief that children are confident and able to pursue their own ideas in learning. Project work will also be a focus as children explore and pursue their own questions through the use of projects and using the arts as an expression of their learning process. Our teachers support children in developing these concepts through guided questions, facilitating structured thinking and providing information and opportunities to acquire new knowledge. Teachers make a difference in our hands-on, play based environments by elaborating and enhancing learning experiences and inviting children to engage in their learning process by revisiting experiences though creative projects, and documentation boards. Our individualized programs also offer preschoolers that opportunity to have a strong foundation in literacy and writing, languages and many other learning domains.
Amazing Explorers Academy

Summer Camps

Our vacation and summer programs are designed to provide 5-12 year olds with engaging, enriching, fun and meaningful experiences during summer months and vacation days. Themes such as amazing science, how to be an inventor, forensic science and engineering allow children to challenge to think and wonder, explore and investigate engaging a fun STEM related themes. Our Summer Camps and School Vacation Day Programs offers fun and learning for every child.


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