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Pre-K Student Starts Recycling Project at Amazing Explorers

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A great community effort may be inspired by a Amazing Explorers. Pre-K Student student Easton Potts took his concern about saving the trees in Waterford Lakes to his teachers and campus director implementing a recycling program in school.

The concept is simple, but the results could be huge. “I want this project to be large”,  Easton said. “It makes me really sad to see trees cut in my community.”

Since presenting the idea to his teachers and campus director, recycling bins are available in Amazing Explorers Academy classrooms for students, teachers, and families to drop off recycling materials from home and their own classrooms. Easton went from classroom to classroom informing his fellow students about the project and how important the recycling effort can be.

Amazing Explorers Waterford Lakes Campus Director, explained that the simple idea shows how a single student can change the way we think. “We are so proud of Easton for bringing this recycling opportunity to our campus,”

“This is what Amazing Explorers is all about, allowing students to explore new solutions to our existing challenges and looking for innovative ways to approach them.”

Since starting the program at school, families and other students have joined Easton’s effort. The recycled materials are used for art and classrooms projects.

Educators are calling Amazing Explorers Academy in Waterford Lakes a next-generation preschool. The school is the first in Central Florida to embrace STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum for its preschool students.


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