Important Acronyms for Your Child’s Future

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Parents of young children just entering the education world for the first time have to deal with a lot of letters. And, it’s not just the ABCs we’re talking about here.

Acronyms, sets of letters that stand for something else, are pretty common place these days, think TGIF (“Thank God it’s Friday) or LOL (“Laugh out loud”).

But, for parents, two of the most important acronyms to learn for their child’s future educational benefit are VPK and STEAM.

Invest in Florida — What Is VPK?

What does VPK stand for? It’s an acronym for “Voluntary Prekindergarten”.

This is the state-funded program that provides free preschool education for all Florida four and five-year-olds. Parents can send their child to any state-approved school or preschool facility free of charge. Yes, you heard that right, free of charge.

The VPK program prepares young children for their future academic years by providing the foundational skills they will need to succeed in school and throughout their lives.

Invest in Florida — What about STEAM?

The other important acronym is STEAM. It stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics”.

A STEAM curriculum focuses on these technical areas, providing a hands-on learning approach that makes complicated concepts more manageable for young minds, while at the same time inspiring children’s curiosity.

National education experts agree that a STEAM curriculum at an early age can create a lifelong love of learning that can be sustained throughout elementary and high school, college, and beyond.

Invest in Florida — Amazing Explorers, VPK and STEAM

Amazing Explorers is a state-certified VPK facility that also provides an STEAM-based curriculum for its students. Now your child can be introduced to the learning concepts that can help them be successful in life for FREE.

To learn more about how to enroll your child in Amazing Explorer’s STEAM-based VPK program at no cost to parents, contact the Amazing Explorers Academy near you.

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