What Is Florida’s VPK Program and How Does It Work?

Waterford Lakes Day Cares
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In the state of Florida, every 4 and 5-year-old child is entitled to attend the preschool of their choice — either public or private — where they can participate in a free pre kindergarten program designed to give them study skills they can use throughout their academic career and beyond.

The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program represents an innovative commitment on the part of the state to give its youngest students a chance to excel at academics and into their professional careers.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Early Start on Excellence

Childhood development researchers tell us that the most important growth and development of the human brain occur by the age of five.

These early years are the most important learning years for children. And these formative early childhood years are when children learn how to be attentive and how to follow directions. Structured learning during this important stage in development has been directly linked to later success in both school and in life.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Loving to Learn

Pre-kindergarten teaches children how to be ready for learning. Top-quality VPK programs like those offered at Amazing Explorers can help children to develop better language skills, score higher on standardized tests, and improve their social skills.

VPK also can help children with fewer behavioral problems once they enter elementary school and beyond. They are also better prepared for structured academics, especially in the areas of pre-reading, pre-math as well as socializing with other children their own age.

Most importantly, the free VPK program at Amazing Explorers helps promote a lifelong love of learning in children. The curriculum enhances the values your child is already learning at home and instills a passion for creative thinking and innovation.

To sign your child up for free VPK, contact Amazing Explorers today.

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