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Easing Children into the School Experience

Easing Children into the School Experience
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Not all children take to going to school right away. Many are in their comfort zone in their own home where they are surrounded by the people they love in an environment that is both safe and caring.

So when they suddenly are taken to a new and unfamiliar environment like school and left to interact with strangers on their own, it can be both intimidating and frightening. Parents don’t like seeing their children unhappy either, so it can aggravate the situation further.

The first day of school can be traumatic for children and parents alike. So at The Amazing Explorers Academy, we have some strategies for easing the transition.

Getting to Know You

The first thing you can do is to visit The Amazing Explorers Academy with your child well before the first day of school, even the previous school year if you want. Come in and see what a typical day of daycare or prekindergarten is like and both you and your child will actually anticipate attending the program in the future.

Getting acquainted with The Amazing Explorers ahead of time and seeing first-hand how fun, exciting, and enjoyable attending our program will be will not only reduce separation anxiety but also help both parent and child feel more confident about the experience.

It is all about the Experience: Easing the Transition

Another plan is to minimize the pain of separating parent and child by easing the transition into the program. Rather than signing up for all-day daycare or prekindergarten right away, try going a half-day first. Then as your child becomes more comfortable with interacting with other children and sees that The Amazing Explorers Academy is not only safe but fun and exciting, they will gladly expand the length of their school day.

Taking your kids to school for the first time can be tough. But at The Amazing Explorers Academy, we try to make it easier for both parents and their children.

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