5 Reasons Your Pre-School Will Benefit from a STEAM Curriculum

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If you are considering pre-schools for your 4- or 5-year old child, then consider this: Introducing your child to a curriculum that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics at an early age can offer benefits they can use their entire lives.

A STEAM-based curriculum as part of a pre-school or early childhood education program like the one offered at Amazing Explorers can give children many incredible benefits that they can use throughout their educational and professional careers. Here are five.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Increases Critical Thinking

Your child can develop better critical thinking skills when they are introduced to a STEAM-based curriculum when their minds are still developing.

STEAM projects require young children to find solutions using their critical and creative thinking skills, which activates a part of their brain that takes a global, rather than linear, approach to problem-solving.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Promotes Collaboration

With a STEAM-based curriculum like the one featured at Amazing Explorers, children are encouraged to interact with others in order to find a common solution to a problem.

This builds social skills and collaborative thinking that can benefit them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Encourages Creativity

A STEAM-based curriculum also encourages children to use their creative skills to problem solve. They learn to ask questions, discover solutions, and apply what they have learned to other aspects of their lives.

Oveido  Day  Cares — Offers Multi-Faceted Thinking

The STEAM-based curriculum requires students to consider problems from different perspectives, which can help develop their thinking process in a variety of different ways.

These multi-faceted thinking skills can benefit them throughout their lives.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Hands-On Learning

Amazing Explorers’ STEAM curriculum is centered on hands-on learning, which promotes innovative, unique experiential learning.

If you are looking for a daycare or early childhood education program that offers a lifetime of benefits, consider Amazing Explorers.

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