5 Ways Your 4-Year-Old Can Benefit from Pre-School

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The state of Florida offers free pre-school education to every 4-year-old. Unlike elementary school, enrolling your young child in pre-school isn’t mandatory. But it does offer some enormous advantages your child can benefit from throughout their education, their career, and in their personal life.

Here are five great reasons to take advantage of Florida’s innovative, voluntary prekindergarten education program (Florida VPK).

Socialization Skills

Introducing your child into a safe, monitored environment where they learn to socialize with other children outside of your family can help promote interpersonal skills. The earlier children learn to overcome shyness and build self-confidence, the more prepared they will be for more complicated relationships.

Learning to Cooperate

We all know about the “Terrible 2’s”, when your angelic infant may be transformed into a selfish, petulant toddler. While it’s a normal stage of childhood development, Florida VPK helps introduce your child to a moderated social setting guided by experienced professionals where they can learn to share and cooperate with others like them.

Love of Learning

Early childhood education programs like Florida VPK helps open a door for a lifelong love of learning. This passion for knowledge, when instilled at an early age, can set the stage for a lifetime of discovery, enthusiasm about the world around them, and a love for reading and science.


Being part of a team is something your child will experience time and time again as they grow into productive adults. When this concept is introduced early, it can help provide the skills your child needs to a successful member of a team while building an appreciation for teamwork and cooperation.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

The sooner children learn to thrive on their own, the faster their confidence and self-esteem can grow and develop.

The Amazing Explorers Academy participates in Florida’s VPK program, offering your child a top-quality preschool experienced supervised by experienced, educated experts.

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