Coming Soon: Amazing Explorers in Lake Nona

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Lake Nona is one of Florida’s fastest growing communities. So it should come as no surprise that Amazing Explorers has selected it for its newest facility.

Now Lake Nona students can enjoy a science-based, innovative curriculum that can give them a lifelong love of learning. Children in Amazing Explorers actually love to go to school each day.

What Is the STEAM Curriculum?

STEAM is actually an acronym that stands for “science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics”. It’s a groundbreaking new learning curriculum that gives students exposure to the principles they can use to further both their educations and their careers.

Amazing Explorers incorporates the STEAM curriculum in a hands-on learning environment in which children actually love to go to school because it is fun and exciting. It offers a new way of learning that can not only give children a passion for learning but also give them the foundation they can use to achieve success throughout their educational experience, as well as in their professional careers.

Inspiring Young Minds

Amazing Explorers has already experienced incredible success in inspiring preschoolers throughout Florida to want to learn more. Now the innovative education experience is coming to Lake Nona.

Parents will soon be able to enroll their preschool-aged children in Amazing Explorers’ latest Lake Nona educational program, where they can experience the STEAM curriculum for themselves.

It’s an exciting time for Lake Nona and for Amazing Explorers. Call today to schedule a tour or to learn more about the incredible learning opportunities at Amazing Explorers in Lake Nona.

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