Don’t Squander Your Child’s Free Pre-Kindergarten Benefit

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All children residing in Florida can participate in the pre-kindergarten early education program of their choice at no cost to their family thanks to an entitlement program offered by the state.

Yet many parents choose not to take advantage of this paid voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) benefit either because they didn’t know about it, they don’t understand how it works, or they don’t think it applies to them. So they end up leaving money on the table while depriving their child of the educational advantage other children receive.

Not a Welfare Program

Florida’s free VPK isn’t a subsidy for low-income residents. Parents don’t have to fall under a specific income level nor do they have to provide copies of their tax returns or check stubs for their child to qualify for the program. Florida VPK is available to every child regardless of their background or family income.

The purpose of the program isn’t to support the state’s low-income residents. Florida VPK is designed to give all of the state’s children the opportunity to get a leg up on learning prior to enrolling in full-time education programs.

Learning to Learn

Parents of Florida four- and five-year-olds also aren’t limited to the VPK program offered by their local public school district. Instead, they can use the VPK benefit at any program they choose, public or private.

Children can receive the skills they need to fourish intellectually throughout the rest of their educational experience, as well as in their careers and everyday life. These include things like primary reading skills, social acclimation with children their own age, and nurturing their sense of wonder.

Children who participate in a top-quality VPK program — like the one offered for free at The Amazing Explorers Academy — can develop improved language skills, score higher on school readiness tests, and have better social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they start elementary school.

Don’t let your child’s Florida VPK benefit go to waste. Apply it to get free enrollment in The Amazing Explorers Academy.


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