5 easy family game night ideas

easy family game night ideas
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We already know that children are like sponges, observing and absorbing every little piece of information around them. They can learn new things and develop different skills through a variety of stimuli, so it’s very important to encourage and nourish their learning process.

When young children are playing games,little things such as connecting information, teamplay and waiting for their turn, help them  stretch their capabilities and improve their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Along with that, it’s very important to spend quality time with children as they build a strong and secure bond with family members and caretakers. 

With that in mind, we gathered 5 easy family game night ideas so you can organize play sessions. Explore the options, try and see which ones bring more fun and joy to your children!

1. Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a great way for children to work on their physical skills and burn energy. Choose a fun song, and ask them to dance meanwhile it’s playing. Once it stops, everybody freezes. When the music starts playing again, dance begins.

You can even stimulate their creativity by proposing specific poses when the music stops. Also, this game will help them build their self confidence and self expression.

2. Hot and cold

If you can’t think about what to do to entertain your child, Hot and Cold is an easy family game night idea to play and interact with your little one. Choose an object and hide it. As the child searches for the object, you can give hints if they are close or far by saying hot or cold. 

This game teaches children how to be patient, to persist and it helps activate their imagination.

3. Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game that helps children follow instructions. It can be played with two people or a lot of kids, and you don’t need any setting to start the game. 

It basically consists in choosing a person to be Simon, who happens to be the leader, and the followers do exactly as Simon Says. You can take turns with the children so everyone has a chance to be Simon. Also, don’t forget to give creative instructions so the little ones can move their bodies, burn some energy, have fun and feel more connected with others.

4. Age-appropriate board games and toys

If your children are tired from an active day time, board games can be a good option of an easy family game night idea. Although the young ones might be less active when playing board games, they will still be working on their cognitive, emotional and social skills.

There are a lot of options of board games appropriate for young children, such as the classic building blocks like the set from Korko or the Magicube. Other options are the type of toys that includes shapes, like the Daisy Shape Sorter or stacking objects.

5. Mystery Bag

Mystery bag is a very simple game but very entertaining for small children. Get a bag and put interactive objects inside of it. It can be a crayon, a toy, a leaf, or any item they can play with. 

The key is to work on their emotional and creative side as they will experience different feelings, guessing what is inside the bag, imagining what they can do with it, and actually using the object to play or to tell a story.

There are a lot of possibilities of easy family game night ideas to explore. Try different options of games and be mindful of the interests your children show from a young age and keep stimulating them.

Besides the cognitive, creative and physical development, family game nights also help children improve their social skills and build a strong relationship with their caretakers. Along with that, they will grow up having a sense of safety, love and trust which will help them face conflicts in an easier manner in their adulthood. Now, are you ready for a family game night? 

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