Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville — Forming Young Minds

10 Summer Reading Programs for Kids
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If you are looking for a business opportunity that helps prepare the next generation for the future as well as providing you with an income, then consider The Amazing Explorers Academy.

We are a daycare and early childhood education center that takes a new and exciting approach to training young minds based on the STEAM curriculum — Science, Technology, Engineering Arts, and Mathematics. But we’ve discovered a way to make learning fun, exciting and engaging.

Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville — Early Childhood Education Facts

The first five years of every child’s life is critically important for their mental, emotional, physical, and social development. During heir first three years, the brains critical architecture is being shaped.

Experiences children have early in life provide the foundation for the brains’ organizational development and determine much of how it will function throughout their life. The experiences have a direct effect on how the child will develop the learning skills they will use throughout  their education — as well as their social and emotional stability.

Today’s young parents are actively seeking out these opportunities for their children so they can provide them with the best possible preparation for their later life.

Franchise Opportunity in Jacksonville — Never Too Early to Start Learning

During their early years children learn at a faster rate than at any other time during their life. To optimize this learning, they need to be in an environment that encourages growth, curiosity, and mental stimulation.

Developing a passion for learning in children between the ages of infancy and 8 years old gives them the tools they need for the critical transition between home and school that will occur later.

At The Amazing Explorers Academy, children receive these skills while nurturing a lifelong curiosity that can sustain them throughout their education and beyond.

Contact The Amazing Explorers Academy to learn more about the exciting franchise opportunities in Jacksonville and elsewhere throughout Florida.

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