Homemade Father’s Day Presents: Ideas For Kids And Families

homemade father's day presents
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Feeling overwhelmed or confused on what to get for Dad on the third Sunday of June? We’ve got you covered on this guide that features handmade Father’s Day presents, out-of-the-box experiences and more!

Although Father’s Day is a date meant to show our gratitude for all kinds of Dads (including grandads, uncles etc.), there might be a pressure to find the perfect present that will truly show Dad how much he means to you and the family.

Regardless of being a tech enthusiast, an avid learner, or just someone who appreciates small gestures, you’ll find creative gifts for Father’s Day in this guide.

Homemade Father’s Day Presents

Creating a handmade present is the chance to make Father’s Day truly special with a gift that will stand out from the rest. It’s also an opportunity to spend time with your Little One creating something unique.

Here’s a collection that Dad will love!

Special Crafts for Father’s Day

Hand and Footprint Art

The idea here is to honor the Dad who is also a role model. By placing your child’s foot next to Dad’s shoe print, it’s clear that the Little One is inspired by Dad and may follow his steps

Dip your child’s hand or foot in washable paint (vibrant colors are always welcome!) and carefully press it onto a piece of cardstock or pre-cut canvas of an adult’s shoe print. Let it dry completely, then personalize it with a sweet message that shows how much you love Dad.


Decorated Toolbox or Tool Belt

Got something broken in the house? Doesn’t matter if the damage is big or not, Dad is likely to come along with his tool belt or tool box to fix it.

So level up Dad’s handyman skills! To create a personalized toolbox or tool belt, use stickers, paint markers, or stencils to decorate it with his name, favorite team logo, or a hand-drawn picture on one of its pockets.


Personalized Baseball with Handprints

Why not add a piece of your child to something that is part of Dad’s leisure time? The handprint serves as an inspiration to never miss a catch during baseball!

Pour a small amount of paint color into a dish. Apply a thin layer of paint to your child’s hand and carefully press your child’s hand onto the baseball (avoiding the dimples). 

Place the baseball in a well-ventilated area to dry completely for at least 24 hours. After it’s dry, add a special message for Dad using permanent markers.


Trinket Dish

While this is a present for Dad, Mom will also appreciate it if he has a place to leave his belongings and spare her from the “have you seen my keys?” moment!

First, find air-dry clay (easily available at craft stores). You can then choose to create a unique format using your bare hands, or applying a cookie cutter to shape it. Before putting it to dry, gently press the shaped clay into a small bowl or cup to help it keep its rounded form while drying. 

Once you’re done, it’s time to dry the clay: wait between 24 to 48 hours until it dries completely. Once dry, use acrylic paints and a brush to add designs, patterns, or messages.


Experiences Also Impress As Father’s Day Presents

More importantly than a material gift is making sure Dad feels appreciated on his special day. Here are a few experiences to do that.

Swedish Fish Box

This is a special one for Dads who like to go fishing and also love a good laugh.

This is a good project if you have a goofy Dad at home! Take a small tackle box and fill it with Swedish fish candy. Trick Dad into thinking the present is a fish box without lures and accessories. 

After you’ve had your laugh, give him the real kit with the real equipment! Make sure to add utensils that actually fit the box that was once filled with gummy fish!


Wheel of Dad

Inspired by a wheel that might decide someone’s fortune, why not create something alike exclusively for Father’s Day? This present is easy to create and grants the opportunity to give Dad a present he can use at his own convenience.

Take a cardboard and circle into equal sections (around 6-8 sections is ideal). Decorate each section with a fun drawing or picture that represents an activity Dad enjoys (sports, movie night, playing catch, etc.) so it’s easy to identify what the wheel defines. 

Create a spinning point at the center of the wheel and attach an arrow or paperclip at the center to identify what will be the chosen activity after the spin.


Special Lessons

Who said you can’t learn while having fun? Maybe the Dad Of The Year is more of a learner and likes to experience new ways to study. There’s nothing better to it than lessons aimed at his favorite hobbies.

Think about what he does with his free time that relaxes him and look for local academies or quick courses that will make him upskill his abilities. Here are some thoughts:

  • fishing lessons;
  • cooking or barbecue;
  • woodworking;
  • pottery;
  • guitar, drums, or any musical instruments he likes.

Gifts For Tech Savvy Dads

If the Dad of the house is more of a tech enthusiast, there are plenty of alternatives to make him happier this Father’s Day.

Think of presents that can make his life easier, while still giving him an interesting experience to discuss with his pals. Here are some thoughts:

  • The concept of smart home has never been as familiar as these last few years. So consider a virtual assistant gadget to integrate different tasks and conveniences at home. To get something really special, consider the most recent launches, featuring integrated cameras and other features.
  • Reading in bed, during a trip or whenever is easier when you don’t have a chunk of a book around. E-readers are an option to please bookworms, and there are plenty of options to best suit Dad’s reading needs. If you want something more dynamic, upgrading your tablet is also an option.
  • Why not mix a little bit of geekiness and fitness? There are options to track your performance like smartwatches and fitness trackers.

The perfect Father’s Day present can serve as a symbol of your relationship and a token of your love that he can cherish for years to come. We hope you’ll and the Little Ones will have a blast choosing and creating the perfect set of handmade Father’s Day presents that best fit the person you want to honor.

If you’re still feeling inspired by spending quality time with the people you love, how about choosing your next spot for the best family vacation ever?

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