How to choose a daycare? 5 steps to help you

how to choose a daycare
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Young children are constantly absorbing and learning new things every day of their recent life, no matter where they are. The very first things they acknowledge when they are born, are their caregivers and things surrounding themselves. It seems small, but for them, every single stimulus builds important neural connections to be processed in their little brains.

When they grow a few months older, they become able to process way more details and information happening in the environment they are in. Considering their constant increasing learning process, the support of a daycare is very important to back up their education from an early age.

When parents and caregivers have other activities such as work, house chores or school, it’s normal to struggle when you need to give time and attention to your children’s education. For that, daycares play a strong role in their learning process using methodologies, tools, routine with other kids and different approaches so they can learn cognitive, motor,  emotional and social skills.

How to choose a daycare then? We gathered 5 steps to help you find the best option for your children! Keep reading!

1. Ask for Recommendations

Is there a better way to get more information about a daycare than asking for recommendations? Chances are you are going to get an honest opinion from parents and caregivers who have experienced the service provided and were in touch with the staff and the management.

These opinions can be used as a thermometer to evaluate the daycare performance. Collect the feedback and find common ground among the different opinions. Ask other caregivers specific questions about how problems were handled, or what they like the best in the daycare. The Amazing Explorers Academy is well recommended by a lot of parents and caregivers in different communities in the US.

2. Conduct Online Research

The internet is a really good source of information and nowadays we can find pretty much anything on it, such as feedback, detailed reviews, pictures and even the exact location of a daycare on a map.

Because of this, online research can be very helpful when choosing a daycare for your children. There are websites that rank institutions and gather important information about different daycares, making it much easier to compare the options available. 

Visit the daycares’ websites, explore the content of their blog, check out the methodology they use and research about it to become more knowledgeable about the place you will choose for your kids.

3. Schedule Guided Tours

How to choose a daycare? See it for yourself! The best way to see if a daycare is good for your children is to visit and check in person if the place matches the criteria for a child’s needs. Find places that provide Guided Tours as before making the final choice for your kids, it’s important to check the environment they will be in. 

If possible, schedule a guided tour when there are children in the daycare, because it will help you take a peek at how they deal with the routine. Observe the caretakers’ behaviors and how children behave with them, as this is a good sign of a child’s safety.  

Use this opportunity to meet the staff and talk to the management about important information, such as security, safety, and how they handle problems. At Amazing Explorers Academy, it is possible to schedule a guided tour from the website making it easy and fast to visit our locations.

4. Check on the Daycare Reputation

Checking the reputation is a good indicator of how the daycare is known in the community. What is said about this specific daycare? Talk to other different people in the neighborhood or in the city, check online reviews, see if they have good references, if they have won awards or were mentioned in any education media.

The more evidence you have that a daycare is a good place for other people’s kids, the closer you are to finding an institution that will cater to your child’s needs. 

Remember that young children are in an important period of life as their learning process skyrockets in their early years, so choosing the best daycare and school will have a strong impact in their adulthood.

5. Examine the environment

Another key factor in the list of how to choose a daycare, is to examine the environment. As we mentioned above, it’s important to schedule a guided tour to see in person how the daycare works, and this is the opportunity to check the infrastructure and the surroundings of the building.

Pay attention to the classrooms, check if they are designed for young kids in a way that they are stimulated. The layout of the rooms and the placement of furniture will be an indicator of if the kids will interact with each other frequently or not. As we know, interaction is very important to develop their social skills. Also, check the outdoors and see if they have room to move and be in touch with nature.

Another important aspect of the infrastructure is to see how technology is used in a child’s favor. Besides using electronic devices to enhance a child’s learning process, they can be used to benefit parents as well. It’s common for kids and parents to have separation anxiety, and to help caretakers feel more relaxed, the Amazing Explorers Academy offers access to the cameras of the daycare through an App. This can be really helpful for parents on a daily basis as well.

So, if you ask yourself “How to choose a daycare?”, now you definitely have some good key points to look for as you select the best institution for your children. As you could see, the best way to find a good daycare is by getting important information about the school, including its staff, management and infrastructure.

The Amazing Explorers Academy offers high quality education for young children with qualified staff and infrastructure designed to help your children develop the most important skills aiming for a higher performance in adulthood.

Do you want to explore more of the differentials of the Amazing Explorers Academy? Find the nearest daycare unit and schedule a guided tour with us!

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