Keeping Kids Engaged During the Holiday Break

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Children attending STEM-based education programs like those offered at The Amazing Explorers Academy are accustomed to a certain level of intellectual stimulation. When they are in the classroom, their minds are continually challenged with new ideas, bold concepts, and social interaction with other children.

But all that can stop during the holiday break. Rather than learning new ideas and spending quality time with other kids their age, during the holiday break these students sometimes spent hours at a time in front of a screen by themselves.

When this happens, it’s easy for the students to lose all the academic momentum they have gained during the previous three months of learning.

Holiday STEM Engagement

It doesn’t have to be that way. There can be a seamless transition between their valuable classroom time, their holiday break, and then their return to The Amazing Explorers Academy. All it takes is a little planning and some extra care and attention during their holiday break at home.

The holidays are typically one of the busiest times of the year for parents. Between holiday parties, shopping, and planning holiday events, there’s less time to devote to their child’s education. It’s often easier to allow children to spend time in front of their tablet, laptop, or even their TV screen.

Fun and Educational Activities

Easier isn’t always better, however. Parents need to sustain their child’s intellectual curiosity by engaging them in activities that stimulate their brains. These can include things like puzzles, games, and reading assignments.

Another great way to keep kids engaged is to ask them about the kinds of things they do when they are at daycare or pre-kindergarten. Then mimic these same activities at home.

For example, you could assign them a simple, age-appropriate research project such as learning about a relative’s life history. Or you could ask them to prepare a brief play or presentation about a holiday-themed topic, such as the holiday traditions of their family or culture.

Holiday breaks can be a critical time for early childhood development. Taking the time to keep your child engaged will help them to continue to be successful when they return to school.

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