Making Plans for After the Crisis

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SchoolUndoubtedly, the COVID-19 crisis has affected just about everybody, including the youngest children. Most schools are closed. Many parents are working from home or waiting to get called back to work. And the whole world is hoping for authorities to give us the “all clear” so we can resume our normal lives.

For kids, this kind of disruption can be particularly upsetting. Children thrive in routine. They enjoy a set schedule and predictability. So when all that is suddenly disrupted, it can be upsetting to them.

In the meantime, sitting at home and worrying about what’s going to happen next isn’t the best plan. While there is lots of bad news coming over the TVs, news feeds, and social media platforms, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But too much anxiousness and worry aren’t healthy for you or your children.

Thinking about the Future

When the present is challenging, it’s often helpful to think about the future. In a couple of weeks or a month or two at most, this crisis will have passed. Eventually, life will start to return to normal — or some version of normal anyway!

Schools and daycare centers will reopen and kids will go back to learning. Parents will go back to work. And life will go on. Until then, focusing on the future can help us get through the difficult times of being stuck in the house worried about what’s going on outside.

Looking Forward to Learning

As they get older, kids tend to complain about school: The tedium, the rules, the restrictions. But when it’s taken away from them — even temporarily — they start to realize how good they had it.

Young children in daycare or prekindergarten are different. To them, everything is a discovery. Going to school every morning or afternoon is a new and exciting adventure. They can’t wait to spend time with their classmates and they often fall in love with their teachers.

One day soon all this will end. Eventually, life will return to its normal habits. Focus on the future and we can get through anything.

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