Making LAKE NONA Smarter One Child at a Time

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The new Amazing Explorers Academy location in LAKE NONA will offer local residents the opportunity to provide their children with top-quality day care and pre-school services.

Amazing Explorers emphasizes the STEAM (science, technology, engineering arts, and mathematics) curriculum, even among its youngest students. Numerous studies have shown that the younger children are exposed to these subjects, the more retention they have throughout the rest of their academic and professional careers.

LAKE NONA Pre-School — Instilling a Love for Science

When children are very young, their minds are establishing the patterns they will follow the rest of their lives.

So when children as young as 4 and 5 are exposed to things like math and science, in a fun and exciting context that they are sure to enjoy, it can encourage them to embrace these technical subjects permanently.

Amazing Explorers in LAKE NONA and its other locations takes a hands-on approach to introducing the STEAM curriculum. Learning and play are interchangeable so even very young children develop a passion for learning new concepts and ideas.

LAKE NONA Pre-School — Jump Start Learning

By the time most children begin elementary school, many of their learning habits are already established.

When parents enroll their children in Amazing Explorers’ STEAM-based day care and pre-school, their kids can get a jump start on their future education because they will be familiar with advanced concepts.

Ultimately, the community of LAKE NONA will benefit from having students in its school system who are smarter, more technologically advanced, and already have a lifelong passion for learning.

Today’s children will face a challenging future. Prepare them for what’s to come by providing the best day care and pre-school opportunities available today. Enroll them in the innovative Amazing Explorers Academy so they can get a jump start on learning.

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