Places to visit in North Carolina with the family

places to visit in north carolina
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How does it sound to spend some quality time with your family while you’re still close to home? Exciting, right? There are so many places to visit in North Carolina, so you’d better start to get your bags and plan your next family road trip! 

There are so many attractions and possibilities to explore in the Old North State. People who visit North Carolina can expect to find beautiful outdoor settings, great food (BBQ time!), and also learn a bit about history because of important facts that took place in North Carolina. 

If the Tar Heel State is the place you chose to call home, see places that you can explore and visit in North Carolina! 

Attractions in North Carolina 

Places to visit in North Carolina will likely involve something related to the outdoors. The state is well known for its rocky mountains and beautiful waterfalls

Even if you are a local, there’s a lot to explore within the state, and there’s always some amusement that will keep you and family entertained. 

What kind of activities can you find in North Carolina? 

As the state of North Carolina enters your list of places to visit, you can prepare yourself to spend some time on attractions based on wildlife, experience some excitement in roller coasters, enjoy some open air attractions in water parks… There is plenty to explore and enjoy the outdoors!

A quick history break about North Carolina 

North Carolina is also a place that holds a lot of American history. It was the first state that the English tried to colonize in the 16th century.

It was only in the late 18th century, in 1776, that its independence actually took place. Not so long after that, in 1789, NC became the twelfth state in the Union.

The region that eventually became North Carolina was home of gigantic beings, such as mammoths, mastodons, sharks. It also held many Native American groups, such as the Cherokee and Catawba. 

Keep all of this in mind as we list some of the activities you and your family can appreciate while spending time together and exploring places to visit in North Carolina

Tweetsie Railroad

It’s a three hour drive from Raleigh, the state’s capital, and Blowing Rock. When you get there, you’ll be amazed with some out-of-the-box entertainment

Or are you willing to miss the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a steam-powered train?  

This is one of the attractions you’ll find at Tweetsie Railroad, a theme park located in Blowing Rock. 

Not only is this a chance to experience a somewhat different transportation, but there are also other activities you can enjoy while in the Tweetsie Railroad park: gem mining, arcade games, country-themed shopping… and much more! 

Parks and recreation  

A quick getaway from the city will get you to some great parks. Take this chance to organize a weekend camp, explore the trails, visit the mountains, sightseeing the waterfalls, and spend some time appreciating the force of nature. 

There are so many options you can choose, but we can go with two popular options that will definitely be worthy of your time.

Pisgah National Forest (which is not really far from Blowing Rock!) and the Great Smoky Mountains (located in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee) might both offer similar attractions in terms of sightseeing, contact with nature, hiking, climbing, waterfall exploring… but its natural settings are stunning, so both of them are worth your visit! 

North Carolina Zoo 

People looking for a place to visit in North Carolina can not miss the chance to see nature up close in one of the states’ most famous zoos! There’s so much to see and learn in the 500 acres dedicated to the zoo! 

Also, visitors of the North Carolina Zoo can check out animals and its adapted habitats. Get ready to see the Grizzly Bears, Red Wolves, Cypress Swamps and Marsh habitats!

Get wet!

You have so many options of water parks available in the state! That’s a great opportunity to get your sunscreen out of the cabinet and enjoy the sun! 

When the thermometer hits warm temperatures, we recommend trying out Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe (the largest water park in NC, located in Greensboro) and Great Wolfe Lodge (in Concord). 

Not only you’ll get to enjoy the activities which involve riding, sliding and water waves, but also you’re able to explore other possibilities within the parks: themed suites, arcade games, and kiddies area. There’s fun for all members of your family, regardless of their age! 

Learn through play 

We couldn’t miss the chance to recommend the opportunity to have children learn as they are enjoying themselves. 

In North Carolina, there are indoor attractions that can provide not only a good time for the family, but also offer knowledge. 

The Museum of Life and Science is located in Durham. This is a space in which visitants can interact with some of the displayed objects, see different animals and explore this two-story museum! 

Visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in Raleigh, is also an alternative. Explore the halls of the MNS while you learn about dinosaurs, butterflies, huge mammals, what is it like at the center of the Earth… yes, you can experience all of that while still having a good time with the family

Battleship North Carolina

This is a vessel that was really used during World War II. If that wasn’t important enough, this is also the most highly decorated American battleship of WWII

The Battleship North Carolina, located in Wilmington, allows you to explore an important part of American history.

During the visit, you can actually explore the nine levels that compose the ship, including the main deck, engine room, and other rooms that had strategic use during WWII.

Stepping away from the everyday routine, even if you don’t stray too much from home, is always a nice initiative. With this guide you can now plan some time off to enjoy the company of your family and get to know North Carolina in a different way.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for vacations to do that!  Get inspired by this article and see how you can make the most of your family time!

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