Preparing Kids for Kindergarten and Beyond!

lake nona
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Florida’s visionary voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) program lets every child in the state age four or five-years-old to attend the school, daycare, or early childhood education center of their choice…for free.

Did you know? Florida was the first state in the country to offer
universal free VPK access to every child.

Lake Nona Pre School — High Success Rate

During the 2012-13 school year, 82% of the children who completed Florida’s VPK program were determined to be ready for kindergarten, compared to only 53% of the children who did not participate in the VPK program.

The state requires that schools, day care centers, and other VPK providers that receive public funding achieve a 70% success rate. At least 70% of children in these programs must pass standard benchmarks and successfully complete VPK, showing that they are prepared for kindergarten.

And, it’s working. During the 2011-12 school year, the percentage of VPK programs that met the higher standard rose to 72 %, compared to 68% in the prior school year.

Lake Nona Pre School — Giving Parents Choices

Parents can choose to send their child to either a 540-hour school year program or a 300-hour summer program.

They also can send their child anywhere they want, including both public and private schools, daycare centers, early childhood education centers, and more.

Lake Nona Pre School — Specialized Instruction

VPK also is available for children with disabilities. The VPK Specialized Instructional Services program is a new option for children with a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) from their local school district.

Children with an IEP can be enrolled with a certified or licensed professional trained to provide specific instruction, including speech, occupational, or physical therapies.

When Florida led the nation by passing the VPK program in January 2005, it opened the door to educational opportunities for all of the state’s children.

Get your child ready to succeed in kindergarten as well as throughout their educational and professional careers. Enroll your 4- or 5-year-old child today in the VPK program at Amazing Explorers.

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