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Six Characteristics of a Great STEM Lesson
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Children just starting pre-school today will enter the job market in a little less than 15 years. But what types of jobs will be available for them?

According to recent statistics released by the US Department of Commerce, more opportunities are likely to be in the fields involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

STEM occupations currently are growing at a rate of 17%, compared to a 9.8% growth rate for other professions.

Franchises in Florida – The Future of Education

Children who learn in an environment and curriculum that introduces them to these concepts now have more earning potential in the future.

Today’s college graduates who took degrees in STEM fields earn more than those who pursued non-STEM careers. And, given the projected role that science and technology will play in sustained growth and stability of the US economy, this trend is likely to continue.

STEM education promotes critical thinking, increases scientific literacy, and gives children the ability to innovate, which can lead to new products and processes that will be the foundation for both individual and societal growth.

Franchises in Florida — The Challenges of Today’s Schools

It is widely recognized that most jobs in the future will require at least a basic understanding of math and science. Many low-skill jobs are likely to be automated, further emphasizing the need for STEM education.

Yet despite these compelling facts, the average mathematics and science scores among US students lags far behind other developing countries.

That makes STEM education more important than ever to help the US remain a world leader in innovation. And the earlier children can be introduced to the STEM curriculum, the more prepared they will be to face the challenges they are likely to face in the future.

The doctors, scientists and engineers of the future are enrolling in early childhood education and day care programs today. By exposing young people to STEM-related concepts at an early age, they can develop a lifelong passion that can prepare them for a future lucrative and successful career in a STEM field.

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