Should You Choose Summer or Fall for Your FREE VPK at Amazing Explorers?

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The state of Florida’s voluntary pre-kindergarten program pays for every child aged 4- and 5-years old to participate in a state-sponsored education program at an accredited facility such as Amazing Explorers.

But parents have a choice whether to send their children to the free VPK program at Amazing Explorers during the regular school year or during the summer session. There are benefits to both.

VPK Is Free to All Children

Unlike other state-funded programs, there are no prerequisites that limit which children can benefit from this free program. Every child, regardless of where in Florida they live or their family’s income level, they are eligible to participate in this free education program.

The purpose of VPK is to give children a jump start for school and to enhance their pre-math, language, and social skills. By developing these skills at an early age, children can set the course for success for the rest of their academic careers and into their professional life.

Summer or Fall?

Parents have two options as to when they can send their child to the VPK program. The first is during the regular school year. This option features 540 hours of instructional time and generally begins in August.

The second option is the summer program. This consists of 300 instructional hours and can begin as early as May.

While the fall program is nearly twice as long as the summer program, parents need to consider which program works best with their schedules.

Don’t Squander This Opportunity for Your Child

The only requirement is that your child be 4- or 5-years-old and reside in the state of Florida. Once they exceed that age, children can no longer receive this free educational benefit.

Florida is unique in offering this generous benefit to its youngest residents. Don’t squander the opportunity. Take full advantage by enrolling your child in either the summer or fall program at Amazing Explorers right now!

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