STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolers

Amazing Explorers Waterford Lakes
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STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolers! As the weather grows warmer, kids are eager STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolersto spend more time outdoors. So, what is a way we can spend more time outside while also learning?  STEAM learning is a way is to provide an opportunity for them to learn, explore, and understand the world outside. STEAM learning is a fun and engaging way to teach kids that the outdoors can be fun too!

Amazing Explorers Academy has put together two activities that you can use to teach your kids about the outside world. These activities will help teach your preschooler how to use their creativity all while learning about qualities of the outside world. Please remember that these outdoor activities will need the guidance and supervision of a fun-loving adult. Let’s get ready to learn outdoors all while enjoying the weather, whether its rain or shine!

Activity #1: Sidewalk Shadow Art

Here’s a fun outdoor activity that teaches kids to make art, and it requires very little supplies. All that’s needed is the sun, a shadow, and some creativity!

What you’ll need is:
• Washable markers or crayons
• A long sheet of white paper
• Tape
• A few of your child’s favorite toys

First, you’ll want to lay out the white paper on a flat surface facing the sun. Then line up a few toys to face the sun (animal figures would be perfect for this project)! Once they are casting a shadow on the paper, tape down the edges of the paper. Now, you can trace the figure’s shadow onto the paper and color it in! Once they are done, leave the paper and the figures outside and you can revisit them in a few hours later to see how the shadows have moved. This experiment is such a fun and simple way to explore how sunlight casts a shadow! Have your kid find an object of nature that casts a shadow that they would want to trace (tree branches are perfect). You can even tape the paper onto a wall or a fence facing the sun and your child can trace their own shadow! The best part about this activity is it can be done with any object as long as the sun is out!

Activity #2: Rainy Day Rainbow Art

Here’s an activity you can do whether it’s raining or the sun is shining! Making rainy day rainbow art is such a fun and creative activity for kids!

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Washable markers
• Water color paper or heavy weight cardstock paper
• A small watering can (if there is no rain in the forecast)

To make your rainy-day art, invite your kid to draw a rainbow or to create doodles all over the water color paper. They can use all the colors of the rainbow to fill up their papers. Place these drawings out in the rain, and watch through the window to see what happens. Just be sure to make sure it isn’t outside in the rain too long or the art will all wash away! If it’s not raining, use the watering can to rain down over your artwork. Once the art is how you like it, carefully bring it inside to dry. It is fun to watch the he colors shift and change on the wet paper. This activity is a fun way to learn all about the weather!

Outdoor activities aren’t just fun- they are beneficial.

At Amazing Explores, we believe outdoor learning is a way to give your children the opportunity to express their own creativity all while engaging in the STEAM learning programs! We believe the benefits of outdoor activities helps give your children skill they can use to be successful in their future.

STEAM Summer Fun For Preschoolers:
Is your child excited to learn more about the outdoors?

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