Stem in Fairytales.

STEM Fairytales
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Here at The Amazing Explorers, our children have taken classic childhood fairytales and incorporated those into STEM base activities. Our students learned all about Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, and many more fairytales we all love.

Fairytale Friday: The Princess and Pea:

We began our morning with The Princess and the Pea! The children illustrated the story by placing three pillows on top of each other and one frozen pea at the bottom. Their conclusion and observation was the Princess smelled it.

For creative expressions, the children made a fairytale mural with their favorite story.
At Mathematical thinking, we played in frozen peas.
For Language Literacy, we reviewed our word wall.
We had a very Peas~Ful day in Vpk!

Every month in our curriculum here at The Amazing Explorers, we have hands on creativity that help our children grow in every domain of development. We look forward for the next fairytale adventure!

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