The ‘A’ in STEAM Stands for ‘Art’ and ‘Absolutely Important’!

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A traditional STEM-based education program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s the kind of early childhood education program that can inspire a lifelong love of learning that can propel the child to success throughout their educational and professional careers.

But when you add the “A” — which stands for the Arts — to create a STEAM-based program, it can give your child the tools he or she needs to express themselves more effectively in multiple media.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Design Benefits

Adding art to a technology-focused curriculum can give even the youngest children a passion for the material they are learning. Art is fun, creative, and expressive. It offers an outlet for all the feelings they are experiencing as they learn other aspects of the STEAM-based curriculum.

But art also has a practical benefit as well. Young children can apply their art skills to design projects, add decoration to computer graphics, and improve communications during oral, written, and online presentations. All of these are transferable skills they can use throughout the rest of their education and into their professional lives.

Waterford Lakes Day Cares — Creative Planning 

Art also helps students to think creatively, which can lead to new insights, brainstorming for new ideas, and previously unknown discoveries that can be transformative to both themselves and the world around them.

When students use their creative thinking skills to solve technical problems, it encourages to adopt a playful, inventive problem-solving approach. These types of “right brain” thinking skills are invaluable for their intellectual and creative development.

Finally, art is a lot of fun. And that helps kids actually look forward to learning, which can keep them engaged in technical material longer and with more attention.

The STEAM-based curriculum offered at Amazing Explorers gives children the tools they need to excel both in learning and in life.

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