Why Do Preschoolers Need a STEAM Curriculum?

STEAM - Summer Camp
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STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is the foundation of the curriculum at The Amazing Explorers Academy’s preschool, daycare, and pre-kindergarten programs.

So why do toddlers and preschool-aged children, most of whom don’t even know how to read and write yet, need a STEAM-based curriculum? Won’t that kind of technical information go right over their heads?

Preparing for the Future

Today’s preschooled age children are facing a future that is vastly different than the ones inhabited by their parents. Technology is advancing so quickly that most of today’s traditional learning techniques could be obsolete or ineffective by the time they reach high school if not much earlier.

Introducing STEAM-based concepts at a very early age gives even the youngest students the educational foundation they will need to succeed throughout their academic careers and even into their professional ones. If parents wait until they are older to expose their kids to important, critical tech-centric educational concepts and ideas, it may be too late.

Age-Appropriate Learning

Of course, things like advanced engineering and how technology works and other topics are beyond the intellectual capabilities of the average pre-kindergarten student. But The Amazing Explorers Academy introduces these ideas in an age-appropriate manner that is fun, interactive, and engaging to even the youngest child.

Our curriculum was developed with the help of university learning professionals and is tailored specifically for young minds. The STEAM-based concepts aren’t meant to replace primary learning like the ABCs, colors, and basic numbers, but to complement them in a manner that can instantly be absorbed and appreciated by the youngest of children.

When graduates of The Amazing Explorers Academy reach elementary school, they can have a distinct advantage over other children thanks to the advanced learning techniques they have experienced during their prekindergarten education. And that can set them on a course for success for life.

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