Your Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Kindergarten Readiness
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A Quick Peek at What Your Little Learner Needs to Know

Your child is ready to be a kindergartener soon! But amidst all the excitement, as a parent, you’re probably wondering: What should your child know by kindergarten? What skills will he or she be expected to have?

These questions can be stressful, but the good news is that attending VPK programs like Amazing Explorers Academy can help make that transition a whole lot smoother for you and your child.

To get an idea of what to expect in kindergarten, here’s a short kindergarten readiness checklist you can review before your little learner starts the next stage of their education.

Of course, please remember that all learners are different and that the expectations for every school can vary. Think of this checklist as a guideline, but not an absolute rulebook.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

∟ Can your child speak in complete sentences?

∟ Can your child recite their full name, address, phone number and birthday if asked?

∟ Can your child recognize their written name?

∟ Can your child draw a picture to express their thoughts?

∟ Is your child comfortable taking two-step directions?

∟ Is your child able to listen to a story without interrupting?

∟ Is your child able to pay attention to a five-minute task led by an adult?

∟ Is your child comfortable managing their bathroom needs?

∟ Can your child grip a pencil, crayon or marker correctly?

∟ Can your child comfortably use scissors and glue?

∟ Can your child bounce and catch a ball?

∟ Can your child count to 10 without skipping numbers?

∟ Can your child recognize when words rhyme?

∟ Can your child recite the alphabet or recognize several letters?

∟ Does your child know the names of basic colors?

∟ Does your child know basic shapes?

∟ Does your child know how to describe objects in relation to one another by their size, shape, and quantity?

∟ Does your child feel comfortable being away from their parents?

∟ Does your child feel comfortable interacting with other kids?

The checklist above includes various general language, motor, social, math, and reading readiness skills that will help your child be ready to take the next steps in their learning. If you’re concerned that your child isn’t ready for that step, don’t panic; take the opportunity to practice some of these activities. You might be surprised at how quickly your child can learn!  And remember you can talk to the school’s principal, teachers and your child’s doctor for further support. Every learner’s path is a little different, after all, and every school is structured differently.


Feel free to take it with you and share!

Download Your Kindergarten Readiness Checklist Here


Are you preparing your little explorer for kindergarten?

At Amazing Explorers, we believe that tomorrow’s great minds are in today’s classrooms. That’s why our innovative STEAM learning programs are specifically designed for the 21st century learner and aimed towards giving them the tools they need to successfully deal with the challenges of the future.

Is your pre-kindergartener ready for adventure? Schedule a tour with us at our Waterford Lakes, Waterford Lakes, Winter Springs, or Lake Nona locations, we’d be glad to show you how we foster a nurturing environment for the next generation of great minds.

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