4 fun baby shower games

baby shower games
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As you’re preparing to become a mother and give birth, it’s also important to help your friends and family to create a bond with your baby. An event as memorable as a baby shower is the opportunity to start creating stories between your child and your loved ones, so here are some baby shower games to make that happen! 

Have a look at why these events pre-birth matter and how to make your guests have a great time with you! 

The importance of baby shower games

Having a baby shower is more than simply receiving gifts for the little one who is about to come to the world – although they’re very much appreciated! 

The event is also the opportunity to share your love for your child with other people that are important in your life. 

Also, the memories created on this day can be shared with your little one in the future!  

How many games should be played in the baby shower

It’s highly recommended that games are a part of your baby shower event. The reason for that is that games are an inviting way to involve other people into something! 

The event itself will likely become more dynamic by allowing guests to show a little more of their personality and interact with other people

Finally, you need to decide how many games should be played during the reunion. 

Of course, it all depends on how long the event is expected to last. Considering a 3 hour long baby shower, 2 or (no more than) 3 games are enough to get the party going and engage your guests. 

Get inspired with baby shower games 

Here are some ideas to help your guests make the most of their time while enjoying our baby shower! 

Toilet Paper Diaper

Materials: toilet paper, safety pins. 

How to play: two teams of 2 to 4 people will compete. One of them will play as the “baby” in which the toilet paper diaper will be framed  around. The other team member(s) will use toilet paper to create a diaper around the “baby”’s body and hold it using the pins. 

Whoever finishes first using the whole toilet paper roll, or most of it, wins! 

Name That Baby Food

Materials: samples of baby food (purees, soups, crackers etc.), stopwatch. 

How to play: select guests to be blindfolded and guess what they are eating solely based on their palate. Choose a time limit so that the contestant has to think fast in order to take their hunch! 

The winner is the person that gets the most right answers in the shortest amount of time! 

Blindfolded Diaper Changing Race 

Materials: baby diapers; real life dolls; stopwatch; blindfold. 

How to play: divide guests into different teams. There will be one contestant at a time in each team. 

Set the baby diapers in a line and make it easily accessible to each team. Blindfold each team’s contestant, set the timer, and see how many diapers each team member can change in their respective doll! 

To make things more difficult, each contestant has to be blindfolded while they’re changing the baby doll. 

Whoever changes more diapers in the determined time set, wins! 

Find the Guest

Materials: your confirmed guests; piece of paper; preparation time before the baby shower to write down the fun facts. 

How to play: based on your guest list and the people who’ve RSVP to the event, write down some characteristics or fun facts about this person’s life (i.e. where they’ve gone to school, if they’ve ever lived abroad, curiosities on their taste for food or music etc.). 

Place the papers with these facts in a recipient and ask for one of the guests to pull one of the papers out. They have to read the piece of paper out loud and try to guess who that fact is about! 

This is a great way to share memories from the people who are part of your family’s life! 

If you’re hosting a party in which the guests don’t know each other so intimately, make sure to have a moment that they all can present themselves and talk to each other before the game is played. 

Baby shower events mean that the little one is about to be born. It’s extremely important that you, as a mom, don’t forget to take care of yourself! And if you ever feel any insecurity around motherhood, make sure to check out some advice for first-time moms.   

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