Covid Safety Precautions

We’ve reimagined your preschool experience with health and safety in mind – so you can enroll with confidence!

Amazing Explorers General Procedures

Amazing Explorers Academy is using CDC guidelines and DCF as a resource tool for the daily operation of our facility. As we enter each Phase in the State of Florida, we will be altering our procedures.

  • Keeping small class sizes (as much as is applicable within our facility and the needs of our families)
  • The children and staff members are required to wash their hands upon arrival
    The children and staff members temperatures are taken before going back to class
  • Parents are required to leave the child(ren) in the front lobby with an AEA staff member to be brought back to class.
  • When arriving to pick up your child, an AEA staff member will go back and get them from their classroom
  • Each classroom is open with their set teacher, there is no mixing or merging of the classrooms (until further notice)
  • We are limiting nonessential guests/visitors into the facility We are limiting outside visitors into the facility, and any in-house field trips, each person is required to wash hands and temperatures taken.
  • There will be no large group activities or classrooms combined throughout the day.
  • We are staggering outdoor time and sanitizing in between each use. (*this does not apply to summer camp*)
  • If families or staff members travel, we ask you please let us know and consider quarantining for 14 days after.
  • Additional Classroom Procedures

    • The children are required to wash their hands more frequently
    • The playgrounds are being sanitized in between each classroom use, with one classroom out on each playground at a time.
    • Cots will be spaced out as much as possible during nap time
    • The children won’t be utilizing the front room for lunch, they will be eating all snacks/meals in the classroom. This will avoid using common areas.
    • The classrooms are sanitized and cleaned through the day, as well as every evening
    • Children will be social distancing as much as possible throughout the day. This will happen through more small group activities and less large group. For example, children will be spaced out as much as possible at each table for meals, snacks, and table activities.

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to school!