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Amazing Explorers Academy fosters a nurturing environment where little minds open up to develop lifelong learning skills designed to inspire, connect and engage the great minds of the 21st century.

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STEAM is essential for a 21st Century Education.

Amazing Explorers offers a proprietary STEAM curriculum that integrates science, mathematics, technology and engineering.

Our STEAM curriculum and hands on implementation sets us apart from other daycares and preschools by engaging your child‘s curiosity and sparking their interest to learn 21st century skills.

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STEAM Investigations

Proprietary curriculum with a
focus on STEAM


Designed for the 21st century learner

Amazing STEAM Experience

Introduction to the world of STEAM careers


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Amazing Choices

Promoting healthy lifestyle for a lifetime, in partnership with Nemours Children’s Health System

Safety and Security

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed and operated with the highest safety standards in the industry

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Raising the amazing minds of the 21st century


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