Nation’s Top Educator Calls for Expansion of STEM Curriculum

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A huge percentage of future jobs will be in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics fields. But, currently there aren’t enough workers with those skills to fill them, according to Arne Duncan.

Duncan should know. He served as the US Secretary of Education for most of President Barack Obama’s two terms in office. And, before that, he was CEO of the Chicago public school system, one of the nation’s largest.

The only way to prepare children for these future high-skill, high-paying jobs is to provide them with a STEM education now, Duncan recently said.

Franchises in Miami — Preparing Our Children for the Future

The Amazing Explorers Academy is a franchise opportunity in Miami and elsewhere in Florida that provides the type of early educational exposure to the sciences, mathematics, and engineering that Duncan says will best prepare children for these future job opportunities.

At Amazing Explorers, children are exposed to a hands-on approach to the sciences, providing them with a deeper understanding at an early age to the STEM curriculum and instilling in them a lifelong passion for learning.

Franchises in Miami — Global Competition

By the time today’s pre-school children reach the job market, there is likely to be much more globalization. They won’t just be competing against other candidates in the US for these jobs, but with people from all around the world.

Today, other countries already are preparing for this trend. For example, in the United Kingdom students are required to make learning computer coding a requirement in all schools.

Parents today can’t always rely on traditional education systems to keep up with rapidly moving global trends. For their children’s future success, moms and dads need to make decisions now that will prepare their kids for when they are finally ready to enter the job market.

The Amazing Explorers Academy introduces children to the STEM curriculum at the earliest possible age to give them the best possible advantage for the future.


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