Nation’s Top Educator Calls for Expansion of STEM Curriculum

A huge percentage of future jobs will be in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics fields. But, currently there aren’t enough workers with those skills to fill them, according to Arne Duncan. Duncan should know. He served as the US Secretary of Education for most of President Barack Obama’s two terms in office. And, before that, […]

Florida Is Friendly to the Franchise Business Owner

Buying a franchise in Florida is better than buying in any other state. That’s because the state of Florida has taken steps to ensure that it is one the most business-friendly states in the US. Florida has a favorable tax structure, pro-business government policies, and competitive pricing that helps ensure the success of your business. […]

The Top 3 Things to Look for in Franchise Opportunities

Today’s small business owners have a wide variety of franchise opportunities to choose from. There are fast food chains, car rental companies, retail stores, and many, many others. So, the question is, how can you sort through these hundreds of different options and find the right franchise that best fits your specific needs? Here are […]