Places to visit in Florida with family

places to visit in Florida
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When you’re planning a holiday with the family, it doesn’t hurt to have different possibilities up your sleeve. You want to have a great time with the kids, your partner, and still enjoy yourself. If you’re thinking about a time off with your family group, the Sunshine State can be an interesting choice: learn about some of the not-so-obvious attractions and places to visit in Florida! 

You probably know about Florida’s reputation as the state to host some of the biggest and most famous theme parks in the world, and it’s a fair fame. But there’s so much more to enjoy in this state, including some educational activities that can stimulate your childrens’ imagination and learning capabilities. 

When to visit Florida? 

There’s a reason why Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Even during rainy seasons, you might still find sunlight to enjoy part of the day. 

While the summer season (June until August) might not be the best option to schedule your trip due to hurricane and rainfall season, most locals Floridians agree you’ll enjoy some specially good weather in Florida during March to April and September to October. 

What makes Florida such a great place to visit and explore? 

It’s fair to say that Florida is worldly famous for its beaches, beautiful natural settings, a great shopping location, and for hosting some of the most famous theme parks (Walt Disney World Resort and Wizarding World of Harry Potter, just to name a few). But there’s more to Florida that makes it a great place to explore with your family. 

The possibility of good weather means you can try to escape the busy season in which there are more tourists visiting. In Florida you’ll also find 700 miles of beach available for you and your family to choose how to spend your time and explore nature. 

You’ll also find museums and interactive galleries as other options to spend time with your loved ones! And if your style is more of outdoor activities, this guide has also got you covered. 

Cities to visit in Florida 

Time to see some of the local attractions that are worth adding to your next vacation guide! 

Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking for a fun and unforgettable ride that can stimulate your children’s mind, you’ll find in the seas of Fort Lauderdale: the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure creates a dynamic environment for the little explorers while still keeping the adults entertained. The trip is suitable for all ages and the waters in which the sailing happens is smooth, so there are no big safety issues you need to worry about! 

Key West 

Key West is an island that’s part of the Florida Keys, an archipelago located in the southern coast of Florida. The ride itself to Key West can be an entertainment itself, since the road from Miami to Key West is considered one of the most beautiful out there. 

But once you’ve set foot on Key West, make sure to visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory: you’ll get to see hundreds of different butterflies and birds up close, and learn how these amazing species behave and influence nature as a whole . 


Now we have some great entertainment options in Tampa, especially if you’re looking to keep the little ones busy and stimulated. The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI for short) combines technology, science and entertainment (sounds familiar?) in different settings that allow the child to explore the human body, moon colonies, a paleontology lab and so much more! 

You also have the opportunity to get closer to the oceanic life by visiting the Florida Aquarium, one of the most acclaimed aquariums of the U.S.! See some of the most iconic aquatic species and check out the special experiences designed – like SEAtrek, a underwater guided walking tour! 

Now you know what to look for when visiting the Sunshine State. There are plenty of places in Florida that are worth visiting and can help you create amazing stories while enjoying your time with your family. 

Stimulating your child to explore their curiosity and presenting them to new experiences can later help them develop important social skills. Next up, learn why socialization is so important for children, especially in early childhood!

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