Reading to the children

Reading to the children
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Reading to the children as an integrate part of our STEAM curriculum

Why is it important to read to our children? How early can we start reading to them?
Research has showed that early reading to children will help them develop their language,
creativity, imagination and prepare them for when they start reading later in life. Reading aloud
to children helps them understand that written words have a meaning and sound. It aids children
in understanding what feelings, emotions are and how their world around them works. Reading is
the gateway for children to comprehend new subjects, events and cultures that they may have not
experience or learned before.
Reading to the childrenAt Amazing Explorers Academy reading to the children is an integrate part of the curriculum. When planning for a theme, teachers choose stories that will pick the children’s attention and sparks their imagination, bringing the story to life. The choosing a good stories is important to enrich and bond the learned theme. For example we can be talking about a STEM projects and share a book related to engineering. Doing this encourages the children to imagine how their project can be done, which material may work better and how to prepare themselves to do the project. For the infants and young toddlers reading is a bonding time with their teachers, parents and peers. It assists them in developing their language and brain growth. Infants and toddlers learn how to express and understand their feelings and emotions, make an association between the spoken word and the image showed to them.
Reading is a simple bonding moment you can have with your children at any moment. Let’s starting reading with them and continue expanding their imagination, creativity, language, vocabulary and comprehension. Is never too early or too late to help them grow and learn. So let’s all grab a book and start reading!

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