8 Summer activities for families

summer activities for families
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The sun is out, the sky is blue! Summer is meant to be enjoyed as your little one has more time to rest from the school routine and dedicate themselves to their vacation. This special time of the year is precious, so how about getting inspired with these Summer activities for families

Why invest in Summer vacation activities for families 

This is the time to enjoy some family time! Since the kids will be out of school, they get the chance to spend their days in the company of people outside of their everyday school routines

And, of course, collect stories and experiences to tell when they’re back from vacation! 

Who should participate of Summer activities 

Since children are out of school activities, they have more time on their plate and, ideally, it should be spent with people they don’t have so much time for in their everyday calendar.

This includes family members that only get to visit on holidays, friends from other cities, or even parents or siblings that want to enjoy vacation time together

We also know that not all parents get to enjoy as much free time as their little ones during Summer vacation. If that’s your case, it’s important to know that there are options in case you need to keep your child entertained while you’re at work. But we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Summer with the family

Here are some suggestions of how you can make the most of your time with the family in different scenarios. 

Outside activities to enjoy Summer weather 

Picnics and potlucks 

You can have the best of both worlds mixing these two possibilities: just as it happens in a potluck meal, everyone who participates in the picnic brings something to eat that will be shared among all others. Choose a place for the picnic that will allow children to explore, wear out their energy and appreciate the food! 

Explore your town 

Just because you live in a place, doesn’t mean you necessarily know it from coast to coast. Select regions of the city your family lives in and explore it together with the family. If you visit any place with a relevant story, share it with the people you’re visiting. 

Swimming or hose sprinklers 

If the sun is out, it’s time to take the bathing suits from the bottom of the drawer! Your little explorer can have their friends and family come over and enjoy some time in the pool (just make sure that there is always an adult supervising and in charge so that no one gets hurt). 

Staying in during Summer

We know that weather can change and the warm temperature of the day might shift to a chilly one at night. So here are some ideas to enjoy your Summer time with the family inside your home. 


Get inspired with different cooking traditions and prepare a thematic night in: one day the family will cook Mexican food, while the next night will be Pizza Night… maybe try out some Cuban inspired sandwiches? There are so many options! 

And make sure that everyone has a role prepping or cleaning after the meal is done: this is how everyone participates and contributes to the family time!

Movie night 

Each family member/participant of Movie Night will decide a movie they love and want to watch together. 

You can all get together at the couch (or any other special room of your home) and enjoy a little feast made out of snacks

Camping inside 

Add a twist to bedtime by creating a whole new camping space within the house! Place the tent inside the house, turn off the direct lights (keep only the indirect light on) and create a different space in which you can camp next to people you love spending time with! 

Time with the community 

Get together with the people you enjoy being around and try to do something different! 

Visit a zoo together

Even if you already know the zoo, visiting it with different people is a whole new experience! Enjoy the opportunity to show around your favorite sections of the zoo or even discover yours as you’re touring it.

Host a day event with a purpose 

Children could host an event to collect donations towards an objective that will benefit the community they are a part of – maybe collecting money to renovate a common area of the neighborhood? Or help a local animal shelter? 

During the event, they can offer to apply non-toxic temporary tattoos; or maybe sell cupcakes or freshly made juice. You’d be surprised at how engaged and autonomous children can get when they see a purpose in something! 

What to do if parents have no time for Summer activities? 

The hustle is real, so maybe not all parents have the option of taking time off during Summer to enjoy their time with the kids and experiment that time together. It’s common that parents still have to work regardless of their children’s school calendar. 

If that’s the case, this doesn’t mean the child can’t enjoy themselves and still exercise their learning skills along the way! 

Summer camps can be the answer 

Learning through play is a reality, as we know. And why would that change during Summer vacation? Have you ever considered that spending time in a summer camp will allow your child to experience many of the benefits involved in the activities listed above?

During Amazing Explorers Academy’s Summer camp, your little one can engage in different activities that will stimulate their creativity, create new connections with other children, participate in friendly competitions and explore different resources to create something new! 

If you’re looking for Summer activities that will develop your child as they play and enjoy their vacation time, we invite you to find the nearest school around you! AEA is waiting for you! 

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