Family Time: Unveiling The Best Things To Do In Prosper (TX)

things to do in prosper
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The coziness of a small town while still offering a ton of fun for its residents: this is what Prosper (TX) is all about! We’ve prepared a guide with the best things to do in Prosper to help you get connected with this community.

Finding events you want to participate in is not the problem: you’ll just have a hard time deciding where to go first!

Top Things To Do In Prosper (TX)

Providing a space that welcomes both youngsters, adults and seniors is a true commitment from the town of Prosper. This is why you’ll find lots of activities and events suited for families throughout the year.

Have a look at what awaits you and the family!

Frontier Park

Fun is spread all around at Frontier Park. Visitors find sports courts (soccer, softball, baseball, batting cages), a pond where families can practice their release and catch, as well as a splash pad. Definitely, one of the best places to have a nice time outdoors.

National Videogame Museum 

Just under 10 miles of distance separate Prosper from the National Videogame Museum, a place dedicated to honor the history of these technological gadgets.

Visitors of the museum in Frisco (TX) get to see the dawn of video games, how it has evolved throughout the time, and what’s coming next.

This is a great opportunity for children to see and interact with technological equipment that doesn’t resemble their smartphones and video game sets they’ve used to!

Prosper Playhouse & Boutique

You get it by its name: Prosper Playhouse is a place to have fun. Kids are welcomed in an environment all suited for them: they can play safely and spend as much energy as possible, while Mom and Dad get to wind down and appreciate all the delish at the cafe.

Prosper Community Library

A visit to the local library itself is already a good reason to leave the house, because being around books equals fun! But at the Prosper Community Library, visitors find different activities that range from storytelling events, board games and puzzles, and so much more! Keep an eye on the library calendar updates!

Urban Air Adventure Park

Jump, bounce, hike, fly, slide, dunk: then start all over again! A quick car ride to Frisco is all it takes for a whole day of fun. Urban Air Adventure Park combines different sets of climbing and jumping to accommodate families with children (most of the attractions are suited for children ages 7 and under).

Traditional Events In Prosper (TX)

It’s not hard to find things to do in Prosper when you’ve got such a busy social and cultural schedule!

Have a look at a few annual events you can go to celebrate the city, engage with the local community, and still have a nice time with your loved ones.

  • Celebrate Prosper: annual festival featuring live music, food trucks, and family activities. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and really enjoy the city you get to call a home.
  • Prosper Christmas Festival: there’s nothing more cozy than a local Christmas fair! Join the party while the town comes together for a festive celebration with lights, carols, and holiday cheer!
  • Prosper Veterans Day 5k & Fun Run: this event honors man and woman veterans while offering a fun run/walk for the community! Children are also welcome to join the race and have the honor to stand next to those who’ve done so much for us.

Not only you’ll have so many options of things to do in Prosper (TX) with the family, but you also get so much quality of life making this place your home.

Now you know where to have fun in Prosper: time to make a decision as to how you want your children to grow up! Schedule a tour at AEA’s unit in Prosper and see up close just how the right education can transform a child’s life.

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