Top 5 things to do near Lake Mary in Florida

things to do near lake mary
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When it comes to spending a good time with the family, you want to have options: where to go when it’s raining and you’re with your children? How to stimulate kids to have a break from screens and appreciate some outdoor time? Well, if you are in Florida, the answer might be closer than you think! Welcome to Amazing Explorers Academy’s list of things to do near Lake Mary! 

This is a small city in the greater Orlando metropolitan area located in Central Florida. Lake Mary is a typical place in which you have plenty of entertainment options, but away from the buzz that you can’t escape when you’re visiting a bigger city. 

It’s true that Lake Mary is less than an hour away from Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme Park – the first built and still one of the most popular. But there are so many other alternatives when it comes to enjoying family time in Lake Mary: have a look!

What’s there to do near Lake Mary?

Florida is probably known for its world-famous theme park attractions, paradisiacal beaches, warm weather and for being a perfect venue for some shopping sprees. 

However, there’s a lot more to see in the Sunshine State. Spending family time in Lake Mary means getting closer to its community, participating in social events, engaging in local culture and history. 

5 attractions and leisure options near Lake Mary 

If you’re willing to turn away from the busy venues of other popular cities in Florida (such as Miami or Orlando), you might be up for a pleasant surprise. 

While enjoying your time in Lake Mary, it’s a fact that you’re still in Florida: the Sunshine State has its name for a reason. It’s only fair that you take the opportunity to relish in its beautiful weather whenever possible! 

Have a look at some attractions that are either at or near Lake Mary. These have been selected to provide a great family time. 

Greenwood Lakes Park

This is a must-see to everyone that visits Lake Mary with children and family. Greenwood Lakes Park is a 14 acre park with lots of open space and outdoor entertainment. The park is located between a middle and a high school, which turns the venue into a place with lots of social events. 

Visitors can make the best of their time near nature by enjoying a picnic, jogging or appreciating a roller-hockey match. Is there any better way to connect with new people other than watching sports together?!

There is another plus for families who wish to visit: at the park, you can accompany children from different ages at the age-appropriate playgrounds available at the Greenwood Lakes Park. This is an extra safety measure that helps guarantee a good time for both children and parents.  

Trailblazer Park

Now this is a good place to visit if you’re looking for a place to cool down on the warm Summer days – while still having fun with your family! Trailblazer Park offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors. 

During summer, a splash pad and water park are available for the public. There are also other amenities which help in making families’ visit to Trailblazer Park as pleasant and safe as possible: restroom facilities, swings, exercise station, picnic tables and water fountains. 

While planning your visit, have a look at fees that might be charged for the use of some commodities. Also have in mind that Lake Mary residents might get some discounts, so make sure to do your research and maybe save some bucks as you visit the park! 

Lake Mary Historical Museum

Every city in the United States tells a story of the country. Visiting the Lake Mary Museum is the chance to learn from the region’s history, which dates back from even before the city was officially settled.

You don’t have to go far to learn about your surroundings and the country’s history. Visiting museums when you’re a local is a way to connect with the community you’re a part of, and that’s what you can expect when paying a visit to the Historical Museum. 

While you’re at the museum, have a look at the historical fragments of Lake Mary’s city, such as photographs, documents and artifacts that tell a bit of its story and the cities nearby. 

Planet Obstacle

Now here’s something unexpected: who’d have known that the world’s largest indoor obstacle park is located right at Lake Mary? 

Planet Obstacle is a place to test visitors’ escaping, problem-solving skills, and also a place to spend lots of energy. It’s a stimulating way to use your creativity in order to complete a task – while still having fun! 

This is a place founded by two Cirque du Soleil veterans, so you know you’re up to a place that will cause you that “wow” feeling.  

Planet Obstacle welcomes children of all ages, so rest assured that there is a big concern around visitors’ safety. 

Get ready to bounce, test your strength, and have a great time while doing it! 

The Kennedy Space Center 

As part of AEA’s list of things to do near Lake Mary, we wouldn’t miss the chance to recommend a learning experience combined with leisure time

The Kennedy Space Center is little over 50 miles from Lake Mary and it’s truly an one-of-a-kind experience. This is a true NASA launch site that is located less than 1 hour away from the city of Lake Mary.  

Real space missions have started from the Kennedy Space Center. As if all of this information wasn’t enough, there are more reasons to pay a visit to the Space Center: this is a bad-weather-proof venue. So it might be a good place to visit if you’re struggling during the rainy season in Florida. 

Quality time with the family while being close to nature, indoor obstacles, space centers and museums: these are just a few options of things to do near Lake Mary, this pleasant and picturesque small city. If you’re interested in more suggestions of how to spend a good time with your loved ones check out our guide of places to visit in Florida!

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