Where to Go in Georgetown (Texas) with Kids?

where to go in georgetown
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No matter how long we’ve lived in a place, there’s always a chance you haven’t explored all the entertainment possibilities it offers. You might have wondered where to go in Georgetown even if you’re a local in one of the loveliest cities in Texas! 

Located less than 50km away from the capital Austin, this  is a small city that holds entertainment, a laid-back vibe and lots of picturesque sights. Welcome to Georgetown!

Interesting facts about Georgetown

If you ask any local what the place is known for, they’ll probably answer that Georgetown is mostly acknowledged for some scenic city postcards: the red poppy flowers you can see pretty much anywhere, and a space that has given the city a national fame of the most beautiful Town Square in the whole state of Texas!

The Red Poppy Capital of Texas (a tender slogan you can use to refer to Georgetown) is a city with a population of about 68,000 people.

Its residential and commercial facade are representations of Victorian architecture, which transports people from Georgetown to a different place in American history.

Although it is a small city, there is a lot of prosperity around: Georgetown is the fastest growing city in the U.S for population above 50,000, according to a recent census.

Where to go in Georgetown if you’re looking for…

Family time based in tradition

Red Poppy Festival

The annual event takes place when temperatures are just right to get away from your house and enjoy your time outside.

This is considered one of the town’s main events and there is a wide range of activities to keep visitors entertained during the weekend in which the festival happens.

Next edition is in April 2024, so make sure to plan ahead to join the Red Poppy party!

Outdoorsy vibes

There are different options of places you can visit in Georgetown if you’re looking for activities in the outdoors. Check out our favorite! 

San Gabriel Park

This is a great place to visit and spend time with family – especially if you’re looking to combine time in the outdoors with structure that allows you to interact with other visitors.

When you’re looking for answers on where to go in Georgetown, you’ll find that at San Gabriel Park there are different structures that allow you and your family to spend a lot of time at the place: sport courts such as skate parks, basketball, baseball/softball, as well as specific ambiences to picnic.  

Lake Georgetown

This is a 1200 acre park with lots of options if you want to spend your time near nature. 

At Lake Georgetown you can go fishing, boating, hiking or camping. This is a great setting to enjoy if your family happens to have an RV since you can relish on facilities aimed for motorized visitors!

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm 

This farm is located north of Austin, so you’re only 30 minutes away from the Texan capital. It’s open all year around, but aside from the basic activities presented to visitors, there are other special events planned throughout the year.

People that visit Sweet Eats Fruit Farm get to enjoy activities such as pig races, pony rides, fruit and vegetable picking, feeding the animals, as well as other attractions. 

Enjoying the lovely Texas’ weather 

Most of the year, Texans will find good temperatures, not too much rain and humidity in Georgetown. 

But it doesn’t hurt to have options both for when you’re trying to cope with the Summer, as well as trying to balance high energized children and an eventual rainy day. 

Check out these options! 

Blue Hole Park  

This wouldn’t be a trustworthy Georgetown guide for places to visit with family if the Blue Hole Park is missing! There’s no other place to be if you want to fight the mighty Texan warmth and still enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

This is a place where locals and visitors enjoy themselves while reveling in what Mother Nature has to offer: local amenities offered by the park include trails, picnic, restrooms, swimming and fishing facilities. 

Exploring and panning 

Inner Space Cavern

This is one the best preserved caverns in the whole state of Texas. It’s been open to public visiting since 1963, but its formation dates back from thousands of years ago – it’s estimated it’s been around for at least 10,000 years.

There are different tours that take place at the Inner Space Cavern, so surely there’s one fitted for your family. In addition to exploring the cave’s natural wonders, there are also activities for the littles ones that like to learn more from the world around them – like gemstone panning!

Bad weather proof 

Family Play Barn

If you ever find yourself struggling with a combination of a rainy day and energetic children, you can still find some peace while getting the little ones to spend their energy.

At Family Play Barn, you have both entertainment and safety combined. Children from six months up to six years old can enjoy their time bouncing around, connecting with peers and experimenting different textures and colors. 

Meanwhile, parents can relish on the coffee shop menu that is conveniently located inside the playground — so you can keep an eye on your little one. 

Visiting different places in the United States is how you get to know more about your country and expand your connection with the community you’re a part of. Now that you’ve learned more on where to go in Georgetown, keep reading about the best places to visit in Texas with your family!

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