Fun things to do in Sanford (FL) and have a blast with kids

fun things to do in sanford florida
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So you’re in Florida and find yourself with the family looking for activities that will distract and entertain the Little Ones? Look no further for a list with family-friendly fun things to do in Sanford (FL)!

Nestled along the southern banks of Lake Monroe, Sanford is a small and charming city that integrates part of the St. Johns River network. This is one of the most prominent rivers in the country and has its own perks, as we’ll see in a minute.

3 fun things to do in Sanford (FL) that you can’t miss

Even if you’re on a schedule and don’t get to explore the city more broadly, here are some of the most picturesque and scenic attractions you can’t miss while in Sanford (FL)!

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Undoubtedly, the city zoo is one of the main attractions in Sanford for children.

Visitors of the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens get to experience being up close with authentic wild animals (as safely as possible, naturally).

The zoo houses more than 350 animals from 100 different species, and there’s more to it than visiting and looking at the animals. Visitors get to enjoy special events like animal feeding that ranges from some more acquainted buddies (goats and sheep) to more exotic animals, such as giraffes, alpacas, and llamas.

If you’re concerned about the Florida sun, the Florida City Zoo has that covered for families visiting. Stop by the Wharton Smith Tropical Splash Ground and freshen up while having fun with raining trees and other water features.

Riverwalk around St Johns River

It’s impossible to mention the city of Sanford (FL) without bringing up one of its most famous landmarks: a 5-mile long riverwalk that goes along the St. Johns River – which happens to be an attraction itself.

St. Johns River is fairly famous for a number of reasons, such as: it is one of the longest rivers in Florida. It flows north instead of south; and it’s known as a “lazy river” because of its gentle slope!

That being said about the river, it’s no wonder that there’s so much going on around the riverwalk that surrounds it!

By the riverwalk, aside from the scenic view itself, visitors find restaurant options and the iconic St Johns Rivership Company. We highly recommend the opportunity to visit and navigate in an authentic paddle-wheeler boat!

Fort Mellon Park

If you’re spending your time in Florida, one of the sunniest states in the US, of course you’ll enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Fort Mellon Park is the place to be for people looking for precious family time, since there’s a structure to welcome and entertain children and their families.

Visitors to Fort Mellon Park are surrounded by different toys, playgrounds, splash pads, and basic amenities that help visitors make the best of their time at the park.

Now you’re covered with the unique fun things to do in Sanford (FL) while you’re with your family. While you’re there, make sure to appreciate the city’s blend of history, nature, and culture. If you happen to be preparing for your next family vacation, check out these Summer activities for families to make the best of your time together!

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