Hospital Bag Checklist: Baby and Parents’ Needs

hospital bag checklist
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The closer it is to the time of giving birth, the more real things become. We can relate to that! If you’re looking forward to checking out one less chore from the pre-birth to-do list, we’ve come up with a concise hospital bag checklist with the essentials you don’t want to leave behind.

The right time to start pack the hospital bag

By the time the pregnancy is 32-35 weeks long, the mom-to-be is more likely to know what to expect out of labor. 

She’ll now have a better understanding of what items bring comfort, the type of support you want from her partner, what kind of clothing she feels more comfortable with… so that’s a good time to think about what to have at hand at the hospital.

Sharing the responsibility on the maternity bag

Since Mom will be too busy on the day of the birth, it’s important that the person joining her in maternity makes sure that the maternity bag has all the essentials that will make her  stay at the hospital as pleasant and safe as possible.

Aside from all the items we’ll list next, it’s highly recommended that the partner makes sure the bag is packed with some of Mom’s favorite food and snacks.

Also, reassure that important documentation is always at hand so it’s not necessary to storm off from the hospital to pick up something left behind.

Hospital bag checklist for each one involved in labor

Mommy’s hospital bag

This should include not only amenities to help Mom feel comfortable, but also essentials that are easily forgotten when you’re rushing to hospital.

  • Lightweight and comfortable clothing – like robe and slippers – to use both if you have visitors and when you’re just relaxing after the birth.
  • Toiletries and basic hygiene items that will help Mom feel at home: soap, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, extra-large pads, lip balm, headbands or hair ties.
  • All medication you take on a regular basis (if you have any).
  • Glasses or contact cases – because you want to admire your Little One as soon as they’re in your arms!
  • Breastfeed basics: 1 pair of maternity bra and nipple cream. 
  • Finally, a going-home outfit – which you’ll gladly wear when it’s time to come home and start your motherhood journey.

Essentials to not forget

Here’s a list of things you’ll be grateful not to leave behind:

  • Identification (registration license or other official documentation);
  • Insurance card (if you have it);
  • Birth plan (make sure to have multiple copies to distribute to doctors and nurses);
  • Infant car seat (so you can go home knowing your newborn is safe).

Also, check with the hospital if there is any paperwork you can fill in advance. After all, you want to handle as little bureaucracy as possible when you’re busy with going into labor!

Spouse’s hospital bag

Labors can be unpredictable. This means that the person going along with Mom also needs to feel comfortable should it be necessary to stay a while in hospital.

  • Pillow and blanket;
  • Charger for phones and/or digital cameras;
  • A clean change of clothes;
  • Basic hygiene items (check Mom’s list above). 

Baby’s bag

Here are some of the basics your Little One needs after they’re around.

  • Baby blanket (choose thoroughly! This is probably one of the first textures they’ll ever experience);
  • Hat, gloves and baby socks (because babies can be really sensitive to temperatures);
  • Onesies (to keep your newborn safe, comfy, and ready to relax).

If you have a specific brand or model of diapers you want to use, you can also bring it to the hospital. Otherwise, the staff will probably supply diapers they have available. 

That’s it! Now you’re ready to experience the most exciting event any parent could ever live. Keep this hospital bag checklist always at hand so you won’t be caught off guard when labor time comes along.

You’re probably constantly thinking about what motherhood feels like and preparing to live it. With that in mind, how about checking out some friendly advice for new moms?

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