How much does daycare cost?

how much does daycare cost
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Just as so many other decisions a parent has to make in the upbringing of their children, making sure they choose the right daycare is one of them. If you’ve ever wondered how much does daycare cost and what are some of the variables included in that pricing, you might find some answers here. 

Just as many other topics regarding parenthood, the answer is not easy! The simple answer to “how much does daycare cost” is: it depends. It can vary according to the family’s location, how many children will be signed up, how old the little ones are, if they have any special needs, the type of educational background parents are looking for… so let’s dive in further. 

An overview on daycare costs in the U.S.

The price range changes drastically according to the state, but on average, parents in the U.S. will pay around US$ 350/week to have their child in daycare. 

In some of the most expensive states, childcare costs can be quite substantial. For instance, in Washington D.C., Massachusetts, and Indiana, the annual expenses for child care can be notably high.

But what is behind the costs of a daycare? 

Is daycare expensive? 

It’s important to contemplate what’s included in the price of child care before making a final judgment out of it. 

To begin, assessing your own personal finances will establish how adaptive it is to include childcare as a recurrent cost in the  household. 

The structure of a daycare is primarily important. Will children be provided with a collaborative group, interactive materials and explore different sensations, textures, new possibilities of learning whilst still being safe and closely watched by a caretaker? Those are some of our priorities here at AEA and we know how important they are! 

Making sure you choose the right daycare is a crucial part of the search process. You might want to consider topics such:

  • Ask for recommendations of people you trust; 
  • Visit the daycare before signing in your child; 
  • Learn about the place’s educational approach and methodology. 

To have a further understanding on this topic, we recommend you make sure to check our blog post with detailed information on how to choose a daycare

How is daycare related to my child’s future? 

The future of your child is built every day. Every new learning experience, every new collaboration they have during their lifetime might have a huge impact on their upcoming  years. That’s why focusing on an educational method that prepares the children of today for the work of the future is important. 

It’s known that the professional of the future is someone who is able to adapt to changing environments: this applies to the fields of technology, research, marketing, and different types of management. Future workers that want to excel in their professional lives will also benefit from having great team work skills and emotional intelligence, and these abilities can be built from a very young age.

It’s no coincidence that our educational approach is based on STEAM, and as a result the child interacts with Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics at a young age and becomes familiar with those topics naturally. 

Now you know how much a daycare costs on average, as well as why it may have those costs. How about scheduling a tour in our daycare units spread across the U.S. and have a closer look on how Amazing Explorers Academy can contribute to your child’s future

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