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Explore innovative early childhood education at The Amazing Explorers Academy, your premier Waterford Lakes Daycare. Our specialized STEAM curriculum, integrating science, mathematics, technology, and engineering, sets us apart from other daycares. Our commitment to the Reggio Emilia approach fosters respect, responsibility, and community, providing a unique self-guided curriculum for each child.

In the heart of Waterford Lakes, our Waterford Lakes daycare program embodies the principles of Reggio Emilia, encouraging exploration and discovery through symbolic languages like sculpting and playacting. The Amazing Explorers Academy, adopting this highly effective learning approach, stands as a beacon of innovation among daycare centers across the US, including Waterford Lakes.

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Amazing Explorers Waterford Lakes
Address: 11001 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825

Phone: (407) 543-2103
Age: 6 weeks – 12 yrs old
Open: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Waterford Lakes Daycare Programs

Enroll your child in our daycare program and witness significant advancements in early childhood development. Our curriculum equips children with essential skills and concepts, paving the way for academic excellence and lifelong success. Through exploration and creative expression, even the youngest learners can cultivate intelligence, social acclimation, and positive thinking.

Highly Effective Learning

Amazing Explorers Academy Waterford Lakes: Discover exceptional Daycare Programs at Waterford Lakes location, offered by The Amazing Explorers Academy. Our innovative curriculum integrates the Reggio Emilia approach and a specialized STEAM curriculum, providing a unique and enriching experience for your child. With a focus on science, mathematics, technology, and engineering, our STEAM-based approach sets us apart. Explore the perfect blend of hands-on exploration and intellectual growth, ensuring your child develops essential skills for a lifetime. Enroll in our Daycare Programs today at Amazing Explorers Academy Waterford Lakes for a nurturing environment where curiosity thrives and future success begins.

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