5 Mother’s Day ideas: activities, gifts and places to visit

mother's day ideas
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As a mom, I know how much effort we put in every day to make our families happy. That’s why it’s important to celebrate our special day and make it extra special. So, here are some Mother’s Day ideas that you can do at home with your family. And don’t worry, these ideas are perfect for our little ones too!

Let’s make this day unforgettable and cherish the time we spend together.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated? 

If we look way back in history, the celebration of motherly figures has happened since ancient Greek and Romans.

In the 1600’s, Mothering Sunday was a yearly event that honored mothers, and in 1918 Mother’s Day became a worldly celebrated date – even though it happens in different times of the year according to each countries’ calendar.  

The main reason behind the celebration of Mother’s Day is to show appreciation for their effort and dedication to their families. Making this special day a tradition is extremely important, so having the little kids participate in the celebration helps to create this commitment!

Have fun with these Mother’s Day activities 

Now that you know why Mother’s Day exists and that the whole idea around it is to bring the family together and celebrate everyone’s motherly figure, it’s time to get inspired with these Mother’s Day ideas!

Flower Power 

An adult cuts cardboard or paper into the shape of flowers. The children are responsible for coloring it according to what they feel their mom will like the best. Add a picture of the children’s face as the core of the flower! 

Tell a Story 

Print some pictures of the family mom. Try to create a story about her using the photos, and to add a more personal touch, have the children draw some of their mom’s favorite things as part of the story. Everyone comes together to create a story and show how they admire the Mom! 

Scavenger Hunt 

Create and hide clues to help Mom find the great hidden treasure

Stash postcards, drawings or miniatures with post-its in different places around the house. As she opens drawers, appliances around the house (like the fridge) or closets, she’ll see hand made tips to help her find her gift. The surprise at the end could be a custom-made necklace, a voucher for a relaxing SPA, or tickets for a family vacation in her favorite location!

Where to go for Mother’s Day? 

If the main idea of the date is to help Mom have a good time, it’s only fair that her favorite activities are included, right?

If she likes a specific type of food, let her indulge herself in a restaurant she’s always wanted to visit, but keeps postponing the visit 

Also, if there’s a group of mothers she regularly interacts with, propose activities that can include them! Maybe a ladies’ morning/afternoon/night out, or a fundraising to kickstart a trip they want to take together.

We all know friendship is important, so including people that are not necessarily blood related will demonstrate that her family cares about making her happy and keeping her surrounded with love. 

If she’s more into the homy environment, you already got some good ideas a few paragraphs back!   

Excited about trying out these Mother’s Day ideas in the next opportunity? Continue to get inspired by reading our guide with 5 easy games ideas for family night!

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