Oviedo Daycare

Today’s Oviedo daycare isn’t like it used to be. Huge advancements in early childhood education have allowed children as young as toddlers “learn to learn” via innovative, highly effective learning techniques recently developed in Europe.

The Amazing Explorers Academy integrates the Reggio Emilia approach to education for children of every age. This includes those enrolled in the school’s Oviedo daycare program. This student-centered, constructivist learning system helps develop the minds of very young children at an early age when the way they understand the world is still developing.

Oviedo Daycare
Put simply, the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education is based on three main principles: Respect, responsibility, and community. It encourages exploration and discovery as a way for children to develop their own unique personalities through a self-guided curriculum that is unique for each child.

The village of Reggio Emilia in Italy was the site of early childhood education that developed in the second half of the 20th Century. Creator Loris Malaguzzi and others discovered that when very young children used “symbolic languages” such as sculpting, playacting, and other imaginative means of self-expression, they were better able to express their thoughts and ideas.

Highly Effective Learning

The program has been perfected and now is being adopted by innovative daycare centers throughout the US, including The Amazing Explorers Academy.

Children enrolled in the Oviedo daycare program benefit from huge advancements in early childhood development, learning skills and concepts that can help them excel throughout their education as well as into their adult lives.

By exploring, discovering, and being encouraged to express their own creative thoughts, even the youngest children can begin to nurture intelligence, successful social acclimation, and positive ways of thinking that can be sustained for a lifetime.

To learn more about The Amazing Explorers Academy Oviedo daycare program, just call today. Our staff of professional, innovative educators would be happy to explain how it can help give your child the tools he or she needs to create a happy, successful life.