4 places to go in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) with kids

places to go in williamsburg
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As if New York city, the big apple itself, wasn’t interesting enough, it also holds a kind of a hidden gem: the neighborhood of Williamsburg, which is located in the traditional borough of Brooklyn. Get ready to be striked by stimulating colors and more great cultural attractions as you discover places to go in Williamsburg. 

If you are looking for places to visit in Williamsburg and the New Yorker-Brooklyn area, we have a guide that will appease different styles of visitors – including the little ones!

First, we invite you to understand a little of the area’s background. 

What is so special about Williamsburg in Brooklyn

In the early days of Williamsburg, the area was mainly a shipping, refinery and industrial hub. You can still get a sense of this historical feature by the architecture of some buildings and lodges. 

Because of the work opportunities and its location, Williamsburg is also a place chosen by immigrants as a place to live: as a result, you can find a lot of cultural influences in the area.

In the last few years, amongst New Yorkers, this sense of cultural richness around Williamsburg and Brooklyn is a given. This is a neighborhood where you can enjoy great food and music (the Smorgasburg is a proof of that), and also select some of the best thrift shops in the Big Apple!   

How to get to Williamsburg in Brooklyn 

If you’re getting to Williamsburg taking the New York subway, you should have no problem. The neighborhood of Williamsburg is a continuation of the Lower East Side. 

The place it’s easily accessed by the subway (line L), but there is also another way to get there by (literally) different means. 

Visitors can also get to Williamsburg in Brooklyn by the East River Ferry, which will also allow you and your family to enjoy a different perspective of the area around the neighborhood. 

If you happen to choose the ferry, you get more advantages other than the views: if you start your journey from Wall Street/Pier 11, it shouldn’t take more than a 15 minute long journey to get to the heart of Williamsburg. Also, the price of the ferry ride is fairly accessible. 

And as a last suggestion, make sure to hop off the ferry at North Williamsburg – station between South Williamsburg and Greenpoint. 

Places to go in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

It’s not difficult to imagine that there are so many interesting things to do and visit while in New York; you might also know of famous locations at Williamsburg such as the McCarren Park or the Twinkle Play Space, but there’s a lot more to know about Williamsburg and its attractions for families.

So let’s dive in! 

1 – Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway 

This is a great activity to enjoy time together as a family since it involves some fun time outdoors! You have 20 miles of bike lane to cycle around, which will allow you to enjoy the view and get to know Williamsburg from a different perspective. 

This is a great activity to get a different glimpse of the local architecture, as well as get the little ones to spend some energy and enjoy the outdoors!

2 – Domino Park

If you happen to be in Williamsburg during Summer, you have more than one good reason to visit Domino Park. The place was built in the same area as a sugar refinery and it represents a form of homage to the past of Williamsburg. 

Although the park is relatively new as part of the New York entertainment scenario – since it was opened in 2018 –, it’s already acknowledged as a great place to spend the day and explore all its entertainment options. 

When you’re visiting Domino Park in Williamsburg with your family and children, make sure to visit some family-friendly features, such as the playground, the Fountain and Seating Steps, and the Dog Run. 

3 – Marsha P. Johnson State Park 

The park is named after a prominent name of the LGBTQIAPN+ community. Marsha P. Johnson was a woman considered to be one of the main participants in the Stonewall riots – which then led to one of the most significant cultural and social movements of the past century. 

A true landmark in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, the Marsha P. Johnson Park is a seven-acre park, surrounded by waterfronts, in which you get an amazing view of New York and its skyscrapers. Definitely a place to visit.  

4 – Brooklyn Bowling 

Why not mix an incredible venue with one of America’s favorite pastimes? Bowling is an all-favorite entertainment tradition, so stopping by at the Brooklyn Bowl on weekends is a guarantee for a good time. 

Now for the great part: families have free entry on weekends! Friendly advice: if you’re looking for a tranquil family time, make sure to check its schedule and opening hours and make sure that your visit won’t clash with other events. 

5 – Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Why not take the opportunity to turn family time into a learning experience? And don’t worry, there’s no chance the child will get bored with some of these hands-on activities!

A visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is also an opportunity to combine learning experiences with a beautiful view of nature, and still have a great family time while you’re in the Williamsburg and Brooklyn area. 

Not only visitors get the chance to see some amazing botanic species while visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but there are also special and segmented activities focused on children from the ages of 2 to 13 – such as the garden classes, where learners will get their hands (literally!) dirty as they learn how to plant, grow and crop their flowers. 

By now, you probably know that Williamsburg is where you can find the perfect spots to enjoy sunlight, the outdoors and spend time with your loved ones. 

Is there any way to do that other than having a picnic?! Get inspired with some picnic ideas with the family that are easy to follow!

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