Places to visit in NY with family

places to visit in ny
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New York is one of the most famous places on Earth. It’s known for being the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, and its jaw dropping attractions. This is a big city full of possibilities in terms of culture and entertainment, so we’re here to help you with a tour guide of places to visit in NY with your family!

Whenever New York comes to mind, you might think of skyscrapers, the crowded and lit Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Central Park… all these world famous locations hold a very important part of the city’s DNA. 

However, there are many places to visit in New York that can also offer an educational perspective while you’re having fun with your family.

Places to visit in New York for families visiting with children  

It’s important that you adapt your visit schedule according to your family’s preference. This could mean that you enjoy crowded and highly stimulating places like Times Square, or that maybe you have a group of people that might enjoy activities together during the daylight. Since New York is such a big city, you can pretty much find whichever form of entertainment that best fits your group.

New York is considered a very safe city to travel with the young ones. However, regardless of where you are in the world, some attention to your family’s safety is worth noting. 

  • Always choose official transportation;
  • Buy tickets to local attractions in the official selling stands; 
  • Avoid walking around in deserted and poorly lighted places; 
  • Remember the children you’re visiting New York with about the importance of sticking to your safety agreements.

What’s there to do in New York

Considering the countless options of amusement in the Big Apple, let’s segment some of the places to visit in NY. 

Nature and outdoors 

Yes, New York is well known for its urban lifestyle and agitation! But there’s also a wide range of parks and other attractions that put you closer to nature and wildlife. 

Central Park

Not only is the park itself huge, but there are also many other options within it. Skate rink during Winter, Central Park Zoo, hidden gardens, boat and bicycle riding, bird watching… you name it, and you’ll probably find it in Central Park. 

New York Aquarium 

As if visiting an aquarium and seeing hundreds of rescued species wasn’t exciting enough, there’s a special option for children at the NY Aquarium: visitors of the Playquarium get to have a closer interaction with some of the marine invertebrates so you can learn more from these animals. Definitely a visit suited for kids! 

McCarren Park 

If you’re feeling like exploring different places, you might be interested in a park maybe not as crowded as Central Park, but still worth the visit. This is a park located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood of Brooklyn that has been gaining lots of attention due to its vibrant style, amazing options for foodies, and street art. At McCarren Park, you’ll find different sports courts, plenty of places to ride your bike, and the famous public Park Pool – which is free, equipped with different facilities, and a true relief during the hot months of the year! 


There’s no question that children can learn new things while they’re having fun. The same is true during a tour visit to spaces such as museums and galleries. 

Here are some great options to check out in New York while you’re visiting with your family!

Twinkle Play Space 

Also located in Williamsburg, this is a special place in which children of 6 year old and younger (there’s this age restriction aspect to watch out for!) can have a blast! You’ll find interactive activities that engage children to explore different textures, places, safety drills… definitely a place in which the family can create lovely memories and spend some quality time together. 

New York Hall of Science 

If you have a little explorer at home and you’re in New York, it’s impossible to miss the chance to delve into all the New York Hall of Science Museum has to offer. Why not learn about physics while you’re on a miniature golf court? Or maybe participate in a demonstration of how properties of chemistry and physics impact an activity? Yes, there is science written all over this amazing museum. 

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The Intrepid Museum has several children and family activities to offer to its visitors. Regardless of the weather, there will be options available to welcome young visitors and their families. Imagine what your children could learn about physics or mathematics while enjoying themselves in a flight zone simulator! 

Brooklyn Children’s Museum 

This is a space fully designed to inspire and instigate little explorers. Brooklyn Children’s Museum offers interactive experiences that stimulate all physical senses, as well as being thought of to be a safe space for children to interact with each other. 


Family-friendly Broadway show 

New York, New York (I bet you’re already humming to the song) is also worldly famous for its Broadway Theatre. There are historically longest-running shows that are already a part of Broadway’s DNA, and of course there are also amazing options that are suited for children as well


Empire State Building 

This is one of the world’s most famous structures. Those who visit ir have the opportunity to see New York’s skylines and skyscrapers from an amazing perspective. Many other famous city symbols can be spotted from up above – like the always crowded Statue of Liberty. There are also attractions like the interactive scenery in which the visitors get to take memorable photos next to the hands of a certain giant ape that made history in the movies by climbing this building… 

Rockefeller Center – Top Of The Rock 

Another world famous piece of NY’s identity. You might know this complex of buildings because of its magnificent stature and impact on the city’s skyline, but did you know that there is also an observation deck? This can be an incredibly stimulating experience for children as they get to see the magnitude of the city, its structure, and also other famous landmarks – like the Central Park. 

While visiting new places is one of the best ways to expand your cultural baggage, spending time at home with your loved ones is also a great way to enjoy yourself. How about learning some family game night ideas so you can also have great experiences together at home?

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